Well, there is a bit of a fight going on in the Democratic Party of the US. Somehow the legacy and ideas of the Obama presidency is discussed and the true heirs to the ideas that mr. Obama presented to the world is fought over.

As one of the contributors to the ideology of mr. Obama it made me think about Change.

How does Change actually happen.

One of the greatest example of Change to my mind, was the development in Athens 2500 years ago. Here the greatest minds of the classical world; Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Isocrates, Xenophon and many, many others lived through a time of great intellectual development.

We still hold the classics and best books of this time to high regard, and still read them with great wonder and respect.

But, and this is important, to truly understand Change, they weren’t exactly good friends all these ideologist. They were, even master and pupil, very much in disagreement.

Take Plato and Aristotle. Aristotle was Platos best pupil. Aristotle defined his own ideology, that in many regards, were in complete opposition to that of Plato. Just take their ideals. Plato revered Sparta, whereas Aristotle revered Athens as examples of political system (that is why Aristotle is the main go to philosopher when it has something to do with Democracy, because Athens is the birth cradle of Democracy).

Anyway my main point in regards to some of the diversions we see in the Democratic Party, and actually in between many of the readers here on Rubicon, that is the way Change works.

If you have new ideas, they never stay rigid and fixed, they are like a fountain, projecting water of ideas high in the air, whereas the result is not a fixed picture, but a plethora of rivers running in many different directions.

That is the way Change works.

So I mean, don’t be angry each other for not having the same ideas about things, accept that you have the same outspring, but use the ideas in different ways.

So, perhaps, this will make you accept each other, and be a source of peace.

G-d bless the will to see the world for what it truly is.

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