Well, things are truly heating up in the UK election. I think we have had a good run in focusing on Brexit again, and we have been pretty unlucky in focusing on security.

We should be honest about the winning ticket, it is Brexit. But we should also be honest about what is ALSO a problem, and that is the security of the country.

I have a feeling, that the voters do not trust the political class to truly deliver on this issue, that is why it is a problem. When we remind them, that we have actually not been good at doing anything, then they get depressed and demoralized.

It is actually a truly depressing and serious problem, that travels into a deeper and much more concerning set of problems.

I believe, that essentially it is a problem of a vicious debate climate. Just mentioning the problems, will get you crucified in the media, and thus, it is truly difficult to get public support behind the process. We are a bit more lucky here in Denmark, because I have been able to push the sincerity and balanced view more agressively.

So, that is truly a deep and worrying problem. Hopefully, we can manage to turn the boat around after Brexit, when we can truly start to rev up the political engine on this issue.

Anyway, we are still leading with quite a margin, and we will win easily. Mr. Corbyn has been loosing ground in terms of ability to set the agenda, and he is rapidly loosing ground with the workers of northern England. That is a very obvious opening.

Mr. Corbyn har been married to identity politics, and has not, as the American Socialdemocrats, been able to find a link between the old and the new ideas.

Be as it may, as long as we keep the discussion on Brexit we will win, it is what this election is about.

It is about the liberty of Great Britain, and in this we have truly historic calling. We should heed that calling, with all of what we are, and what we can manage of power, to the people.

G-d bless the will of the people, and may they reign supreme.

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