Well, it is, as it always is, in the last 14 days of the election, that things really get hot.

Here are my two advices in regards of this election.

1. Be realistic about what gets the tories support. It is not the NHS, is is not the security issues (except from internatal security, battling islamists). It is the ability to deliver a Brexit that gets Britain COMPLETELY unshackled from the EU. This does not mean, that some of the worries of the remainers should not be addressed. They should be addressed, among these issues the scare among newly migrated EU citizens to Britain, how do we tackle that. Or the complaints about fisheries and so on. There are numerous issues that need tackling. But freedom as a principle is what the majority of the Brits want.

You can see it on the last bump we had after the peace we made with mr. Farage. Why did we get some extra support from that, because it gives people hope, that we will deliver at Brexit that is actually full of independence.

It is the prospect of freedom that inspires people. Beat that drum, be honest, and show people, that in the long run, Britain will be free. As you yourself admonished mr. Johnson, ending up with a Canada plus agreement would be all fine and beautiful.

2. There is a huge scare and rightful angst of all the violence done by extreme islamists in the UK. The terrorattack yesterday is just one incident in a string of many incidents. Giving a realistic answer to a way of tackling that issue, will be your final argument in the election, I think.

Just as there always is that defining moment for everybody else in an election, the INTERNAL security threat of Islamism, is a problem that needs to be tackled head on.

Repatriation, focus on extreme Islam and all these methods will get you comfortably into number 10.

Then don’t misunderstand mr. Corbyn. He is a good man, and people can tell that when they listen to him. He is actually not an apparatchik. He truly believes in what he preaches, and that will win a lot of hearts over to his cause.

As a Jew myself, off cause I am very critical towards all the criticism that has landed on his table. This is serious. But he believes in his own ideas, and people like that.

So if and when you criticize him. Don’t go after the man, go after the ball. Because the alliance with Hamas and other such abhorrent organizations may be done after a fashion of good faith, but these organizations are not good.

But don’t underestimate him, he is a good fighter, and he believes in his ideas. In fact, I like him much better than mr. Milliband, that seemed very much like an apparatchik.

What we need is faith and power, not just another talking head.

G-d bless the fair isles of Britain.

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