I have been a long time silent on the Middle Eastern issue, that of Israel and the rest of the Middle East.

When I was commenting on the development under mr. Barack Obama, we saw an amazing development aimed at peace. We actually had a few years without so much bloodshed in Israel, and generally in the Middle East.

This seems to have been forgotten these days, rockets are flying over Israel, and in Iran cyber security is the new frontier.

I am truly sorry. I do not speak for all of Jews, only for myself essentially, but with some support from Jews around the world.

What do we do, to stop the fighting?

First of all, my claim is, that through an equal balance between Iran and Israel, there is a chance for peace.

As long as there is inequality in terms of power, there will be war.

But if we, through dialogue, actually seek to find some understanding of each other. There is a small chance of getting back unto the track of peace.

This is my opinion, and though I know that it may drown in the wailing of the sirens, it must be said.

G-d bless the peace we can find in the Middle East.

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