There has been a lot of discussion in the US concering Denmark. The Obamas fell in love with us, and we have always loved you.

So mr. Krugman, a very good economist has been to Denmark, and said some things about us. That made a news anchor at Fox news say some hard truths about Denmark.

That caused a bit of a ruckus here in Denmark.

So, as the one person who actually made the love infatuations that we Democrats have of Denmark, what do I think about it.

First of all, Denmark is a socialist country to some degree, but that is really not how we see ourselves. We see ourselves much more as democrats and humanists. Then we are protestants and we have a queen. At the back of all the culture lies even a more buried identity, that of Thor and Odin, the old gods.

So in essence we are a very layered culture.

My philosophical root or background is that of Grundtvigianism, the “founding father” of Denmark. He had this idea about supporting all the cultures that originally came from Denmark, the UK, France, Germany, Russia, the US and so on. We are the root of many of these illustrious civilisations.

Add to this, we have a lot of Danes going to the US under the migration period a hundred years ago. In other words, we do not like you because you are our political cousin, but because you are family.

We are your friends and have fought many fights beside you.

In these times of trouble, well friendships tend to get a little thinner, but family stick together. That is how I see it.

Another reflection of the relationship is perhaps, that what you have come to like; some of my ideas, are not mainstream in denmark. I am avantgarde, the new generation.

Denmark is a socialist country, but I am not a socialist in the classical sense, I am much more conservative than the average Dane. This makes the connection to the US natural, because generally the Americans are much more conservative than Danes. So me being conservative here in Denmark makes me mainstream in the US.

I have absolutely no idea about making the US into some socialist state, on the contrary what I fight for is a rennaissance Democratic/humanist state. I fight for the values of the American revolution not the Russian revolution. I would die for the values of the American revolution, I have put my life on the line many times for freedom of speech, the rule of law and Democracy.

So I wouldnt worry too much about me changing the US into a socialist state, on the contrary see me for what I am; a renaissance philosopher that loves the American revolution and the French revolution.

My purpose is to strenghten the pillars of the American society, not do them harm. I love your country, because you were the product of the values of the French revolution, and I am a French revolution fan boy, of you can call it that.

Its the founding fathers I seek to strengthen.

G-d bless the will of the founding fathers.

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