Happy birthday mr. president

Well, after a long trip to my family in Banglandesh, I have a little blogging to catch up with. First of all, there seems to be like two camps in the Democratic party right now, that of the Clintons, and that of Obama.

Let me be absolutely clear about my stance on this. I do not choose sides. I loved the work I did with Obama, and I will love the work I will do with future Democratic policying. But I have no qualms or anything against the Clintons.

We fought hard togehter to win the presidentship, we lost, that is politics.

Soon Bill Clinton will have his birthday, and as I wished mr. Barack Obama a happy birthday, the same goes for mr. Bill Clinton. Each were giants of their time.

So happy birthday mr. Clinton, you did a lot of good things to your country, trying to keep America good and healthy.

Things Change and new ideas pop up, but at the end of the day. It is about doing good, helping where you can, keep people centered around a good and healthy citizenship that has no colour attached to it.

So, I hope, as we progress, the differences will have will become less, and the things we share will become more.

Remember, its about the US. That beautiful, shining city at the top of the hill. We need to keep the lights going for future generations. So that they also have opportunity to live a good life.

G-d bless you all, and may you have a good birthday, wish I was there.

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