Fighting the islamists

It is very difficult for the UK to tackle all the problems that muslim migration has given to the fair isles.

First of all, not doing anything will not do. Doing too much will not do either. As I have said, doing the right thing is all important.

Many muslims are just living a good lives on their own, and many wish for a social, democratic, humanistic state.

But some do not wish that and goes tribal. THAT what what mr. Robinson realized in Luton, a small workers town close to Oxford.

Add to this, there is an international trend towards islamism or rejection of Democracy in favor of a muslim kingdom. It might be a good idea, these kingdoms can be both benevolent and peaceful, but as it stands, we allready have a queen we like very much, and we are not willing to sacrifice our Democratic traditions.

Islamism or IS like organisations are enemies, they treat us enemies, driving cars into the barriers of our parliament, so they are enemies. Simple as that.

What to do about it, is however a much more complicated discussion.

We are a bit further down the road of tackling islamism in Denmark, so we already have some experience with it, that I would like to share here.

Tackling such a vile and cunning enemy is not easy. The planning of their attacks are done with stealth, and their methods are often extremely violent and brutal.

As of now, what we have done, is to close down some of the schools that spread islamist material, and we have done a reform of the ghettoes that islamists live in. Trying to make it difficult for them to settle down in closed groups.

Add to this, we have tried to put in a priority of Danish citizens in the welthfare system. Until now migrants were prioritized above Danes, something that did not go that well with the Danes.

This pressure has resulted in little progress unfortunately, so far at least. The islamists have become even more brutal, the rape epidemics going haywire.

At the same time, we have tackled a lot of the growing crime with harsh methods. That is giving long jailsentences to some of the bikegangs that are the militant wing of the islamists.

That worked actually.

So we are tinkering with the problems.

Fortunately we have accomplished a complete stop in migrations to Denmark, so that helps. We are able to focus more on the problems we have here.

As any conflict between enemies, the conflict grows in intensity, so we are planning for more violence and more confrontation. We have put through a bill in the Folketing (the parliament) that has given the military green light in working on Danish soil.

As I see it, we will eventually reach open war in around two or three years. In Sweden they have reached that state already. In the current election, the PM of Sweden has threatened with military invention in the tackling of burning our cars in Sweden.

At the same time, we worry a lot about the right approach, so that we target only the islamists, and not peaceloving muslims in general. This is extremely important, we wish to be fair to those who live here. We are enemies, they fight us, but we do not fight all muslims. We fight only the IS like organisations here.

I have no idea how it will end, but there is a trajectory that is clear. It gets more and more violent. The same goes for the UK, you just had another terrorattack, it will continue this way. What you do about it, is however important. What methods to apply? What about the future of the UK?

You have one card up in your sleeve, that we do not have. You have one of the best military organizations in the world. That will save you.

G-d bless the will to see clearly who we fight and why, that being the fight for our liberal values and Democracy.

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