South Africa

There is a renewed attention to South Africa, and I really support it. The current PM in South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has just given the green light for a forced destruction of a number of farms that belong to white people.

This is pure and disgusting racism. If you see what has happened to some of the countries that borders to South Africa, the farmers there have been ethnically cleansed. That is murdered most of them.

So this disgusting praxis is the ideal for ANC in South Africa.

How to make them change their mind is difficult, they do not seem to listen much to international criticism, but we need to put pressure on the government in order for them to stop this despicable and honestly henious crime to humanity.

At least the international society should support the white farmers in their need.

I will hope that the pressure that mr. Trump is putting on South Africa has effect, I will follow the development of the case closely, and propose ideas and strategies to help the poor farmers.

Genocide, murdering and other despicable ways are wrong. Sometimes blacks are in trouble, sometimes white. All are human beings, and each and every individual is a beautiful and wonderful creature made in the image of G-d.

We need to protect that sanctity, even if it tears down a symbol of unity and tolerance that South Africa was supposed to be.

If we failed in making the rainbow nation, we failed. Not reacting because we hope that things will be better is a crime against the humans who are in harms way.

G-d bless the will to see the humans side in this conflict.

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