The Democratic fight against the Islamic State

Regarding til discussion on Islam in the UK. There really is no big debate about it.

This is strange, since we have, a long time ago coined Islamic State as the arch enemy of Western Democracies.

The same problems we have internationally we also have internally. That is muslims who seek to dominate the constitution. There are many who do not wish to do this, but there are some, and these people are obvious targets for repatriation and common public targeting.

There is the discussion of islamophobia, but the targetting of Islamic state treat the current fight we have with some Muslims by targetting, precisely only the Muslims who are in opposition to our Democracy.

This is fair, it has nothing to do with any hate or phobia, but a fight FOR our Democratic values.

Add to this, IS like organisations are commonly absurdly inhuman, this is not acceptable by anyone who likes G-d.

So targetting these perpetrators, must be a job for the state.

It is the most important job for the state, since the state is made to enforce the democratic institutions. If you fight these, you are an obvious enemy of the state.

G-d bless the will to see these things clearly.

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