Mr. Barack Obama does not get the credit he is due. Especially the peace process in the Middle East has not recieved the attention it required.

Yesterday I attended a meeting in the local chapter of the Israel for peace organization here in Denmark. It was a meeting where we discussed strategies for the Middle East, how we may get peace there and so on so forth.

The guy who did the lecture was good, good ideas, clear methods and so on. But there was conspicuously one thing that really was missed in the discussion. What about the Obama peacedealing?

It seems to me, that the world has just tried to forget all the work we did in The Middle East.

Why is that? Is it because the peacedealing was so nerdishly hidden on blogs and discussed behind doors? Or is it because most people have never really understood the width and scope of our ideas?

I mean, we HAVE obtained peace with half of the Islamic world, that is the Sunnis. We still have a problem with the Shias, but that is much of our own doing. WE have attacked the Iranians. Yes I know, they support Hamas and the palestians, and thereby do proxy war.

But the peacedeal we made with them was a great leap in understanding and true dealmaking. It worked.

So why are we still talking about the Oslo accords?

Maybe its time to talk about the Obama peacedeals on a enlightened basis. Maybe ask Obama about it, he knows.

G-d bless the legacy of mr. Barack Obama.

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