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August 28th, 2018 No comments

Mr. Barack Obama does not get the credit he is due. Especially the peace process in the Middle East has not recieved the attention it required. Yesterday I attended a meeting in the local chapter of the Israel for peace organization here in Denmark. It was a meeting where we discussed strategies for the Middle […]

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To marry, is to begin a long journey together. I have been married for quite some time now, and here are my ideas regarding some of that wonderful but often also very difficult part of life. First of all, one thing we have got all wrong in these liberated times, is equality. After the Marxist’s […]

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The way forward

Well, it seems to me. That the entire EU bloque wants to be the leader of the world. There are several prerequisites to this however. 1. You need to stop trying to harass and subdue me. I know, that this is the direct order of the Danish civil system, but you need to prevent it. […]

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The light of Hellas

January 4th, 2018 No comments

Well it is a new year, all fresh and promising of things to come. Often we forget the true qualities of the world and art. We live in a simple yet unadorned life. We THINK that the conundrum we are living in is all there is. I was reminded of this when I accidentally fell […]

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To rearm G-d with systems and methods to grow and realize his providence here on earth, we need knowledge. The more we know about G-d, the better we are at realizing his work. This calls on repentance and humility, we cannot take or steal from other, but we can give and support those who needs […]

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You will never walk alone

January 2nd, 2015 No comments

I am a romantic. I truly believe in the strength of our culture, the fearsome, vibrating, living culture that some seem to want not alive anymore. After I listened to his excellency bishop Welbys inspiring talk about his life at BBC, there was one song that really got me stuck and started repeating itself in […]

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In g-d we trust

November 28th, 2014 No comments

When people get old, there is a saying, that even the devil goes into the monestary. We have the devil worshipers number one heading that way, at least as I understand what is happening. What is happening? AC/DC the quintessential rockband with hits as highway to hell, Back in Black and Boogie man, just put […]

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The freestate

March 10th, 2013 11 comments

Sometimes, when you take a decision, you do not know what is at the end of the choice you have made. When I first entered politics as a philosopher in the Danish political group SIAD. Stop Islamization of Denmark, I was a mere novice. Just another wannabe, a man of a lot of words and […]

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August 25th, 2011 No comments

America is the foremost propegator of freedom and justice. We look upon it as an ideal. When America is out of shape, it will turn the rest of the free world into a form of slavery. It all comes down to that amazing flame sprouted from the statue of liberty. Often do we wonder why […]

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The task of Israel

To understand the relationship between love, democracy and law, one has to understand the starting point of the Abrahamic religions; Mesopotamia and Babylon. Babylon was a city, a sprawling megacity of the ancient semitic world. It had towering leaders as Nebuchanezzar and Hammurabi. The fertile crescent was the very birth of mankinds knowledge, yes Egypt […]

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The fight for life

December 12th, 2010 No comments

The coming conflict between life and death, creativity and stillness is approaching with immense steps, unrecognized by the citizen of normal nation, but recognized by the elite of intellectuals leading the fight here and there around the globe. Let me be clear about my basic view of things. My entire work, focus and drive has, […]

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Warriors of light

September 27th, 2009 No comments

Plato is famous for his story about the cave. According to the story, man lives in a cave, strings are attatched to his head, forcing him to stare into the end of the cave wall. Behind him is a small wall of earth. Behind the wall of earth people walk forward an backwards with sticks, […]

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