In g-d we trust

When people get old, there is a saying, that even the devil goes into the monestary. We have the devil worshipers number one heading that way, at least as I understand what is happening.

What is happening? AC/DC the quintessential rockband with hits as highway to hell, Back in Black and Boogie man, just put out an album called; In rock we trust, its rock or bust! Something tells me, that they are moving over to our side!

Well, the master guitarist, and a hard man; Malcolm Young, lately passed away. Blessed be his soul. He had this little gem of insight to all of us, who are living in the frey, and tries to keep our heads up, despite all the difficulties we encounters. He said; you gotta keep on playing that music.

Let us do that, IN G-D WE TRUST, ITS ROCK OR BUST! 🙂




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