I have been very hesitating weighing in on the conflict between mr. Netanyahu and mr. Rouhani. Why? Because so much is at stake. But, the peace that has commenced after the negotiations failed, has a lot to tell us about how the stratifications are aligned, and what we may encounter if we go this or that way.

There is so much at stake in these negotiations, if it goes well, it will propel the world to a more positive developmental course, if it goes bad, it may solidify the negative path that the world has travelled the last few years. The positive tacts that happened in the first tenure of mr. Obama, may never be realized into peace.

First of all, the conflict seems to be totally unrealized in Israel. Israel only sees it from its own perspective. Yes it will be Israel that may get the first nuclear warhead on our heads, but after that it will be Europe and ultimately the US. It is not only about Israel, it is also about the rest of us.

If Iran really wanted, they could have made the bomb, or bought it decades ago. So why have they not? The obvious answer is; they are afraid what will happen if they get it. They are afraid someone will be so afraid of them, that they will start a war. This is also a very probably scenario, so the fear is real enough. So far, the argument of Israel holds true. But how would we make the situation better? We do it by keeping up the pressure, but giving Iran a way to truly disarm.

I mean, the pressure is not the economic strains put on Iran. They know how to get around them. It is the military threat that puts a pressure on Iran. This military pressure comes primarily from Israel and secondary from the US.

Deal or no deal, this would not change. So it does not really make sense to me, that Israel is so afraid of negating the economic pressure on Iran. If iran gets more money and more progress, would it make them more or less motivated making a bomb? Probably neither, it would not make any difference. But if Iran gets more involved in the international peace effort, would that make them more or less prone to make a bomb. Probably less. So why on earth is Israel so keen on stopping the process?

It does not make much sense to me, add the loss of political capital Israel has due to the deal, and then it makes even less sense. The most probable result of the Iranian process is the realization of a state in Palestine, because Israel has lost so much political capital on the Iranian issue, for no real gain in terms of security.

Israel is the one power that is stopping Iran making the bomb, not everybody else, so why make such a fuss about what the West make of deals?

G-d bless the peace deal.

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