14685_1_other_wallpapers_anonymous-660x350I have this friend, or rather, a friend of a friend. Here in Denmark, I am seen as a rebel and a troublemaker. This despite, that I actually, as one of the few, do have a clear and sound understanding of what Islam really is, and not a simple understanding. But, it is a dangerous thing to discuss Islam, and if the state openly support some of the worst most barbaric fighters in the world, I suppose truth is even more dangerous. Better to keep a lid, or… never mind. Redemption lies in truth, that is, at least to all the father of our religions the central point.

But, back to my friend Dan Park. Dan Park is this absurd artist. He paints, or rather makes photocopies, of immensely provocative character. Like hanging a black man, calling him this and that. Doing things with sexual undertones, making swastikas, and the like. Again, absurdly provocative. I support him, because that is the way truth travels. Is does not travel through the highway of mainstream media, not anymore, it did under the French revolution, but not today where media is too influenced by the methods of Göebbels.

So truth is put in the hands of the most extreme artist, who are under siege by everybody else. Except of cause we who really believe in freedom and hold the ideas of enlightening dear.

Behind him is however a great plethora of Swedish intellectuals and rebels. He is not alone, but due to the fact, that Sweden is one of the most opressive regimes in the world, criticism is renegated to the Anonymous. There is a huge part of the young Swedes who live their lives in front of a computer, and fight from there. Because, as always Swedes are extremely skilled, and at the same time extremely controlled. So they have to remain Anonymous, to avoid the oppression of the media elite.

This vast plethora of young men, at my age and younger are absolutely isolated. They have only one official hero, that is my friend Dan Park, at least this is how I see it. Dan may not agree, but the Anonymous would. Why? Because he has the balls to be unanonyous. He is a rebel, and a fighter for freedom, he is put in jail, persecuted, blamed, put on hold, put into the oven, beaten up, because he is unanonymous. He is a hero to all the young Swedes who are also fighting against the unjust system of Sweden. The most oppressive state in the world apart from North Korea.

So, in a way, I feel connected to these guys. Mind you, I am not Anonymous, I am here out in the open, easy to find and yet I do put my ideas to the open vision of all who wish to read it. I have no problems with criticism, and I do know how it is to be on the sharp end of the spear of the secret police.

As all the Anonymous, I am a son of the 68. That is the liberal, drugabusers who believed that mixing races would be a good thing. That making a communist state was a good thing. That destroying the family was a good thing. That opressing all who disagreed with them was a good thing. That making an institution called the EU to set their work into stones, that no-one could break, was a good thing. That believed that they were given the right to rule at a young age, and still haven not given that right away, even though, we, their children, disagree.

I am not to decide how Anonymous will chose to fare, I do not have any connection to them, apart from the connection to their hero. So, my advice may fall on deaf ears. But, since I am a computer nerd, to some degree, they may still listen somewhat.

When you want to change something, a system of oppression, a situation that is not working, you have to put something instead. You have to have ideas, that will make the world better.

Usually this happens by reflecting the vices of your parents, and keeping what they did good. What are they doing wrong? First of all, they ruined the family. They came from well ordered, good families, and they just ruined it by smoking too many joints, and using too much LSD. This has, in my generation, led to broken families. Families that are full of broken and sick children. So far, they still have not seen out of the smoke, and they believe that they, even though all the evidence points to the latter, that they are still right. The tool have been a strange idea, that women should be liberated. But how can liberation end up in oppression of men? What is that supposed to mean? Men are actually equal to women, but in the foul vision of the 68, men should be subdued and enslaved. This is wrong, and very difficult to change. But, this is what we should do. Fight for equality between men and women, and beat down all those power hungry feminists, who have no respect for men, and laugh when they get their way in evil grins. The aim however, should not be an unequal relation between men and women, but an equal one, where things are harmonious and we do base our faith on love.

Then they tried to ban religion and faith. This has created a vacuum, where nobody really believes in anything. This is also wrong, we are entitled to have faith, to be one with spirit. This may seem strange in a computernetwork, but goodness comes from a belief in something that is beyond ourselves, that there is a higher purpose, someone we can turn to in the hours of danger. Call it the great AI persona behind everything, call it G-d, whatever it is, it is there to make us better little nerds, not worse.

When you have great power, you need to be equally responsible. The computer nerds of Sweden have great power, through the grinding and ciphering of data. Use it to make a better world, but be humble. Because you only know, that you are the wisest person, if you know, that you do not know anything.

Do not be too harsh on Israel. We, as Jews, have been on the sharp end of the hatred of mankind for many thousand years. So we are not perfect, but we are the chosen people, and, as you, we roam the secrets of the world. But the realistic aim, is to make a better world, and create a state, that will ensure our protection.

You are not always right because noone criticizes you, but you have the right to make your own stand. Make it a positive one, make it an open one, make it a democratic one, make it a free one. Something you can be proud of, not only now, but also along the line, when you get older, and have to answering to your own children.

G-d bless the freedom of Sweden.

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