Seen from an Israeli point of view, the great question is; can we trust Iran? I do trust them, to a certain point. They are not evil or deceitful or unsympathetic, they are just fighting for their own point of view, as we do. Or rather our fight is only about survival, not about any ideological stance. Yes in many other areas, but not when it comes to Iran. They are an enemy, and nobody will want to make any deals with an enemy.

You can have peace by subduing an enemy, or you can do it by building up trust.

I believe, that together with Barack, I, and the rest of the American administration, has built up trust. But that does not apply to Israel, there is no trust between Israel and Iran.

So how do we actually make some trust? Well, it is all a matter of escalation or deescalation. Do we rearm or do we watch what the other part does, and in the end disarm.

Peace has a chance now, in a kind of a weird way. Because, right now, Israel seems to be satisfied with status quo, and Iran obviously does not want to make things even worse.

So, we have two more years before the second term of Mr. Barack Obamas second tenure, to build some trust.

This can probably happen in many ways, but I will do it, or rather try to support it, by focusing on the advent of spirit on earth. What comes first, the hen or the egg? If spirit is supposed to be realized in earth, we have to have peace, these two things are interconnected.

It is a bargain we all have done with spirit, to try and work on this. Nobody will want us to be naive or stupid, we just have to take aim for all our actions. The aim should be a realistic peace.

G-d bless the will to continue, despite the differences.

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