Peace work

So the deadline we put to ourselves regarding the peace negotiations in Austria did again not reveal any progress, why?

Because the real negotiations is not between the European and American diplomats and Iran, it is between Israel and Iran. As long as there is not a direct coordination between the two, a peace settlement will not appear. It is not a critical stance towards the output so far, it is how things are aligned in terms of power and conflicts that has passed the last sixty years.

So how do we solve this conflict? First of all, all conflicts can be stopped by understanding. How do the warring factions look on the conflict? First of all, I am as neutral anyone can be in this scenario, not because I sought this position, but because this is how things have turned out, somehow. But seen from an Israeli perspective, the conflict reveals some traits in the Jewish psyche, that even Jews did not really know was there. Jews are the most combative people in the Middle East, and has always been the most combative, since the first Israel, over the conflicts with Egypt, the Elam, then Greece and Rome.

Why? Because, Jews are the heirs to the seapeople, that laid waste to the Myceneans, the Hittities and almost brought Egypt to its knees. We are descendants of the protovikings that fought in the Middle East three or four thousand years ago, hence the story about the lost tribe of the Danes.

This fighting character is revealed in the stance against Iran. No quarter is given, and the feeling is of total war.

The Iranians are different, basically why Iranians do not like Israel, is because it was burned during the too rapid progress of the cooperation between the shah and the Americans. It is ok to develop, but you need to keep your soul in the development, otherwise you are nothing. This is particularly important to a people who have fought for its identity over and over again.

So how do we proceed from here? I think Kerry and the Europeans need some help, seriously. It can only be given by his eminence pope Francis. Because he is at the helm of the spiritual peacework. A combination of catholic mediation, and, most importantly, a vigorous focus on the work of the rebirth of religion could put the peaceprocess on a positive movement.

It is risky for all, we risk loosing our political capital, but this is the game. On the other hand, a peace in the Middle East, is like rain in the desert.

The wise Persians are ready to talk with his eminence Francis, and perhaps this could move the on the process. It is not a command, just an idea, with all respect to all the beautiful ideas of the Catholics. It would be to the benifit of all, not the least all the Christians who are trapped in all the devastating conflicts.

G-d bless the peace we may find, if we work, and work and keep working.

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