We are closing in on the possible deal with Iran. First of all, it is not about power or personal gain. It is something on a complete other level. It is about the advent of spirit on earth.

Let us be honest about this. We are not totally sure what G-d may be, or how things are structured in the realm of G-d. We have theories, developed through millenia. In this understanding, G-d is intelligence that is inbetween matter.

We are not totally sure if this is the right theory, but with all the intelligence and thought we smallish men here on earth can muster. This is the way things are.

For a long time, we have been cast into darkness and materialism has ruled the political as well as the economical sphere. This must change, and this is really what the peace meeting is all about. It is not only a matter of bringing peace to people and man, it is more, and that is the point, much more about the absurd possibility of actually making a stand in our time, where we will put up an example for future generations to come.

At one point in history, this stroke of luck, this absolutely impossible alignment of political, physical, developmental things are occuring.

If we did not take this opportunity, would be a crime to religion itself.

The peace with Iran will last as long as this process of rebirth of religion will continue, because they are interested in the same thing as we are!

So instead of looking at our own needs, we should see the process in its historic context, and see it for what is it; the rebirth of spirit.

G-d bless the will to keep on track.

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