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Freedom, justice and love

From the beginning The United States of America have been on a winning course, the resilience and the staunch opponence to all that would wish to take freedom and justice from the world, is a course of peace. It has been, and it should always be so. Now, the Great country of the Bold and the […]

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September 20th, 2012 No comments

When talking about conservatism, it seems to me that Romney at the meeting in may, was a strange carricature of a conservative. Mind you, I should know, being a conservative philosopher myself. What is it really to be a conservative? Well, these days many conservatives tend to look at the ideas of Adam Smith and […]

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Strategy in the light of the demonstration

Now, post demonstration wise, things are starting to clear up, and the basic political realities are getting clearer and clearer. This will underline the new strategic implications the liberal perspective will have to apply to fight another day. Let us try to focus the analysis of the current political realities. First of all, the shocking […]

Syrian challenges

January 21st, 2012 No comments

The next step in the ongoing conflict with Ahmadinejad is at very difficult one, we need to be extremely careful; Syria. Syria is extremely difficult because of all the different parties involved in the conflict; one little step in the wrong direction, and things will topple. We however have to do something, otherwise the Syrian […]

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The difficult political task

December 27th, 2011 1 comment

It is a world of turmoil we are heading for; war, conflict, suffering and lack of everything. It is the war of giants against the war of the little man. We are here, to try to turn the tide, and create a purpose behind the striving. This can only be done in an understanding of […]

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The enslaver of light

November 7th, 2011 4 comments

To bring light into live, one has to be honest and straightforward. There is no “perhaps”, or “if you could see my way”, there is only; I belive in the future in my kids, and that future is bright, because I believe, I believe in freedom, I believe G-d put us here on this earth, […]


September 12th, 2011 No comments

The sturdy and healthy body of the english is long forgotten, the virtues of the free fighting men is but a distant memory in ancient books. But the ideals are still there, and a few of the brave hold on to them as they march in the streets of London. The english are betrayed by […]

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The credo of the knight

August 31st, 2011 No comments

One may wonder if there are other items of inspiration that the knight of today will have to follow to be a serious knight. First of all, a knight should not base his credo on a superficial idea. The depth of knighthood can be traced all the way back to the equestrian class of the […]

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August 25th, 2011 No comments

America is the foremost propegator of freedom and justice. We look upon it as an ideal. When America is out of shape, it will turn the rest of the free world into a form of slavery. It all comes down to that amazing flame sprouted from the statue of liberty. Often do we wonder why […]

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Heavenly justice

August 12th, 2011 No comments

We encounter the vile, we see the destruction of the animals of the street. The human is gone, only theft, violence and idiocy, man made to an animal, is loose on the street. And we as an ancient civilisation are all but puppies in his devilish hand, we are nothing but straws in his strong […]

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Love and justice

We wander i silence as when it comes to the acknowledgement of what we are. We are trapped in matter, but soon released as when we whither. As Rex posed the question; what is love? It should be answered whith a; love is a function of the divine. What is the divine? The divine is […]

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The aim of the nation; to create a frame for love

To try to understand the relationship between love, nation, law and chaos, we need to understand nature. Nature is, as Rex says, G-d. G-d is, in the light of Anaxagoras, the intelligence that sourrounds us everywhere. It penetrates the very fabric of the universe, as a dance through matter. We as humans are but the […]

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The task of Israel

To understand the relationship between love, democracy and law, one has to understand the starting point of the Abrahamic religions; Mesopotamia and Babylon. Babylon was a city, a sprawling megacity of the ancient semitic world. It had towering leaders as Nebuchanezzar and Hammurabi. The fertile crescent was the very birth of mankinds knowledge, yes Egypt […]

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The egyptian ideas of illumination and justice are very difficult to reach, the basic problem is the understanding of these beautiful ideas. We strive, we think, we struggle to be as they were, but we are but meagre shadows compared to the giants who built the pyramids, the amazing maze of antiquity, the lore of […]

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Do as you preach

To be a democrat is not easy, especially these days, where strange theories are cluttering the hemisphere of the west; liberalism all in the clutches of money, conservatism with has an “international” outview, socialism with no real connection to the poor. What can we do, to solve the crisis we are in? Well, there is […]