Strategy in the light of the demonstration

Now, post demonstration wise, things are starting to clear up, and the basic political realities are getting clearer and clearer. This will underline the new strategic implications the liberal perspective will have to apply to fight another day.

Let us try to focus the analysis of the current political realities.

First of all, the shocking reality of the present political cooperation, is the simple fact that the socialists have allied themselves with the european islamists. This we can deduce from the fact that the demonstration was openly supported by both socialists as well as islamists. They work together, they coordinate together, they fight together. The demonstration was coordinated and executed by the labour union together, with the anarchists, the islamists and the socialist media.

If you oppose this with the alliances in the Middle East, the stratification is completely different. Here the Sunnis are allied with the West (us) and the Shias with the East.

So what we have witnessed is a totally new cooperation with a specific and unique alliance. The alliance between the socialists and the islamists.

This is the enemy of the democratic, liberal world.

We see it in London as well where the Labour candidate Ken Livingstone offers to make London a “beacon of Islam”.

We also now know a bit about the workings of this new socialist/islamist state. It is a collaboration of media, politicians, street thugs and the labour union. These tools are the toolbox of the socialist/islamist state. Add to this some of the artists and we have a pure entity of deceit and evil.

So what are the methods of the islamist/socialist state? First of all, it is a reign of pure terror. The islamists rape and violate all the happless citizens of the state, while the media covers the crimes done by the islamist. Hereby forcing the islamization and pure control over the populace. At major demonstrations the apparatus of the islamist/socialist state will persecute the liberal-minded with the street thugs of both islamist and socialist origin.

This is one of the most corrupt societal constructions of the world. Imagine to suppress the populace by raping them indiscriminately? Well maybe I am wrong, it has been seen often in history. We are just witnessing another turn of the wheels.

But it gives a clear moral incentive for the humanistic democratically minded to stop this disgrace of humanity. It is en evil empire unfolding in front of our very eyes, and we need to confront it, to fight for a more just and humane world.

Looking back at the strategic positions we have made, it seems clear to me, that we have made a mistake. We went from fighting communism to fight islamism. This is a mistake, because the communist ideas did not disappear, it just merged with islamism. At least this is the reality of Europe. So we have to realize that we are fighting both islamism as well as socialism. The merging new ideology islamism/socialism is just a new variant of the both combined into a new horror. Remember this gave us Pol Pot, al Queda, Gulag camps and the destruction of half the Christian world. These ideologies are now combining into at new thing where rape is the hallmark of the ideology. This is the reality, we have to face it.

Now, it however gives us a clear advantage to realize the cooperation between the islamists and the socialists. It gives us a clearcut enemy, and it gives us an incentive to fight. We are fighting one of the most oppressive and evil political systems in the world. Never has Europe seen such atrocities before, never was it raped by its political leaders and enemies openly and with no regret.

We need to realize this and combine all our resources to counter the new evil enemy of today.

We have our resources; military, politically, media wise. But we have to be careful, because our actions will be counted be rapewaves by the islamists/socialist state. This is what they do; if we threaten them, new waves of rapes will occur. So we have to be careful, and consider an intelligent and progressive tactical method, we do not want to make the socialist/islamist states rape too many young girls, we will have their blood on our hands as well.

Now, the new paradigm reflects back on ourselves as well. When we fought only communism we saw ourselves as what they fight namely capitalists. This is often an effect of two fighters fighting each other; you accept the picture your enemy have of yourselves. So if you are met by someone who fights capitalists, you conclude that you must be a capitalist.

Now, with the new enemy in the mix. We are not only seen as capitalists, we are also seen as “kuffar”, that is unbelievers. This gives us the incentive to either accept this label or, as I see it, define ourselves in opposition to our enemy in our own terms. This is one of the reasons I have championed the liberal cause, not by harking back to the capitalist idea, but harking back to the democratic idea. To promote a western/classical idea of democracy as the rule of the people.

The islamistis want kalifat and sharia, we want democracy and the rule of law.

Add to this the renewal of faith, we have a new ideology that will oppose the islamist/socialist enemy.

They hate us for the wrong reasons, we should reflect this, and champion the qualities of our own civilisation. They hate us because they belive we are corrupt and greedy. We should counter this by fighting for our freedom and relieve the pressure on our women and children that are in harm’s way.

We should choose the best in ourselves, not the worst.

These ideological reflections are not the end of what we should think, but the beginning. The beginning of a more sincere, honest and free world.

G-d bless us all.

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