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Well, now the show begins, it seems that Mitt Romney will be the contestant. Good for us, we can narrow him down, and focus on his weaknesses, because they are abundant.

First of all; the economical project of his is not viable. It is actually the problem that caused all the economical troubles we are in now. He believes in calculating all costs, minimizing the costs and thereby making a more productive company or business.

In the narrow scope of business this is a good strategy. It will make the company more competitive, but it is a blunt tool to use on a state.

A state works in another way. A state is a combination of three motors; the aristocrat (senate), the king (the president) and the people (the house of representatives).

Add to this in America a strong body of judges and you reach the perfect equilibrium of freedom and responsibility.

Washington and the other founding fathers made an amazing construction, when the made America.

So, as a consequence one should acknowledge the idea behind the construction, and work along the lines the founding fathers drew.

This is why I have promoted a business political renewal based on an analysis, that includes the idea behind the construction of America. The problem is, boiled down to a simple recipe; too much freedom and too little responsibility.

So, seen from a serious political perspective, one has to focus on how to reward those who are responsible and punish those who are irresponsible.

Now, this gives you a perfect opening flank on Romney; you could simply say, that the politics of Romney will lead to more outsourcing, and that is not what America needs right now, it needs insourcing.

Tell them, that the motor of the economy is the production of things, and that has to be supported. If Romney reaches power, he will rationalize the production, and the result will be less production in America and more production in China. Exactly a situation we do not need right now.

So, add to this that you are willing to work for more jobs, more support of the business community if they support the American workforce and production capacity.

Then, it was, with all deep respect, a mistake to attack the federal judges. In a democracy you need judges to counterbalance the freedom of the public assembly. They are supposed to bring ethics and moral conduct to the nation.

So, attacking the judges will send the wrong signal to the voters. The voters are looking for stability, ethics and strength.

You have to be courageous and address the problems and the enemies with both grace and honesty.

You have to stand tall for what you are, and be proud of the legacy you have already.

The Obamacare might be sold off as a mistake, but in the core voter constituency they believe in it, and they are grateful. So do not use too much energy on it, it is already done and works for you.

Put up new fronts, as the renewable energy plan to save America from using too much fossil fuel, and the regrowth of American industry. That is two strong cards that will get you a long way in the election.

The dinner arrangement is a huge success, you might consider expanding them to include more community leaders. The community leaders are “the men on the floor”, and they have plenty of really good ideas. To listen to them in the same frame as the dinners with the American people, might be an idea. Make it public to show people you listen to their worries.

That is it, perhaps Romney will change strategy, and then we will have to counter that in the future.

G-d bless America.

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