The path of light

In politics one has always to take a choice; the choice between what seem right at a superficial level, or the thing that is really the right thing, if you discuss with yourself and are honest.

The easy way out is always the first, it is also what we consider the “public opinion” or “what everybody agree upon”. Exactly this argument makes the opinion forfeit, because rarely do the mass or the public opinion consider rightfulness and justice, usually it is just the voice of the powerful, and the powerful tend to abuse their power.

The path of justice and truth is therefore often difficult to follow, because you will eventually disagree with the mainstream, and drift your own way.

But the path of light or the path of truth will always give you the most honest and long-lasting way in your life.

Take an example. In Denmark before the second world war we had an amazing journalist/designer/theatherman called Poul Henningsen. He was the most respected journalist on the daily Politiken. A newspaper considered the epitome of learned culture and progressiveness, connected to the elite party “Radikale Venstre”. Cultural aristocracy of Denmark.

Poul Henningsen chose the path of light when the Nazi machine descended upon Denmark. He fought vigorously from day one until he had to flee.

This amazing journalist was condemned and persecuted by his own, who hated him for being what they were not. Honest and straight-backed in the face of the jewish persecution. Perhaps he had a drop of jewish blood, so he felt a natural dislike of Nazi Germany, but still.

Now, after the persecution of Poul Henningsen, he returned to Denmark after the war. There he vigorously defended the refugees of Germany. Hapless citizens with no real fault for the war. Again he chose the path of light.

In the face of a new Nazi threat, the combined forces of islamism and corrupted socialism. This lesson is a dear reminder to us all, that what seem natural and mainstream may not be the right thing to do.

This is the choice i believe we all have to make, as a person and an ethical being; do we do what is right or what is the most opportune?

I say the first. Do what is right in the face of an angry hostile violent mob.

Poul Henningsen did it, so we can do it.

G-d bless Denmark

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