American election

Well, be careful. There is an upcoming battle, and you have to innovate as the competition progresses.

First of all, we have seen a bit of the strategical strengths of Romney, not very impressive, but nonetheless, a foe we need to respect and fight against.

The most basic catch of a fight is to overrate your own strength, and underestimate the opponents.

Therefor you should always overestimate your opponents strength, because then you are surer to win.

Romneys tactics is a little simple, as I see it; he uses mass communication. By paying for access to the media, he hammers his message through. On top of this, he has an efficient organization behind him. Everything is well working, optimized and professional. That will give him a serious momentum, because he can reach a great number of potential voters.

Now this can be met by an organization just a well working, we need to motivate the grassroots, set them on fire, give them something to live and die for. Just as the initial election, this will counter the mass marketing strategy of Romney.

Now, I think it is very important to gain the initiative again. The entire health stunt was due to a strategy that was designed to focus on an asset, that seemed like a win for the democratic constituency. It put us on the heels.

We have to turn it around, and perhaps if we could do it by initiating a positive campaign we would gain a little again.

If we had some ideologically sound ideas to promote, we could turn the tables a little.

Then, there is the question of Israel and the jews. It is a huge problem for the socialist camp, that the antisemitism and anti-Zionism is widespread within the community. It is much more extreme i Europe than in the US. But is drags the entire socialist perspective down.

We are too strong, and the reality is, that we are, as always, persecuted.

If the socialists joins the islamist persecution, it will drag them down.

So, to keep a serious balance, you have to signal a few pro semitic ideas. Tell us, that you accept and respect our strife for independence and justice. That you recognize the shared ideals of love and truthfulness.

This will give you a respite on the jewish site, otherwise it will be difficult not only in the election but also if war breaks out in the Middle east.

We are perfectly ok with a serious critique, but we are also aware of the downfall of our enemies in most of historical time. And we are an enemy people will not want have. An alliance on an ethical basis is really the best for the West at large. We need to stick together.

Then, if I were you; draw out of the confrontation with the jews, focus on your own ideas, and fight for the ideas of justice, love and spirit. That will give a wide berth.

G-d bless America

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