New strategies

It was, in Denmark, and the world at large a great victory for us with the demonstration in Aarhus. But, we need to move on from that, put up new objectives, see through the smokescreen of the socialist media, and keep on going.

There is huge win in the fact that EDL reaches the middle class in England. It speaks to the basic fact, that the movement is sustainable on the long-term.

We need to work on that. The more we get the political life steamed up, the more we can actually plant our ideas in the parliamentary process.

There is a gap we need to mend, of we can.

A lot of the parties that was initially born out of the earlier generation of liberal thinking in Denmark; the parties inspired by Dansk Folkeparti og DPP, are not gaining right now, because DPP has lost its momentum.

It was driven by the deceased founder Mogens Glistrup.

I am the new generation, but due to an immense pressure from the media, and a craven performance of the “old guard” that is the Free speech society, my influence on the party has vaned.

Not that I believe that I am the only person to push the agenda, I just represent the new generation. The new generation has been marginalized and pushed aside.

So, we need to contact Geert Wilders, Sif from Norway, Ted from Sweden and perhaps the germans and french.

But to unite our perspective, we need to reach the political level of Northern Europe and start building networks.

They may not like us at the first place, but it is a worth a try.

Then there is a growing collaboration between the islamists and the socialists. We need to be critical to this. Call their bluff, ask them if Ken Livingstone really is the future, and take a liberal opposition to the collaboration born in hell.

Just move, keep up the pace.

In Denmark we need to move as well. New demonstrations, new progress. We need to attract more mainstream people. It can be done.

G-d bless us all.

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