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Strategy northern hemisphere

October 19th, 2012 No comments

When we look upon the northern kingdoms, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Holland they all have one thing in common; a falling socialist environment. After the fall of the Iron curtain, new states emerged. They all had a difficult past with communist state systems of megalith coordination and control. The system worked as a state controlled, […]

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Strategy in the light of the demonstration

Now, post demonstration wise, things are starting to clear up, and the basic political realities are getting clearer and clearer. This will underline the new strategic implications the liberal perspective will have to apply to fight another day. Let us try to focus the analysis of the current political realities. First of all, the shocking […]

To stay true

January 5th, 2012 No comments

There are many threaths that we have to meet, the stigmatization, the persecution, the unimaginable corruption in the close relationships of friends and family. We need to sustain, we need to gain, we need to recapture the flag. The flag of freedom. This is some of the experiences we can draw from the last confrontation […]

Spiritual harmony

October 19th, 2011 No comments

There is an ongoing debate in the great state of America, it is a discussion on the justice of tax. Let me be clear, the socialist ideas are not all good; the abolishment of ownership, the uncontrolled solidarity based on corruption. But that is not all, there are tools in the socialist toolbox that really […]

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