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When we look upon the northern kingdoms, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Holland they all have one thing in common; a falling socialist environment.

After the fall of the Iron curtain, new states emerged. They all had a difficult past with communist state systems of megalith coordination and control. The system worked as a state controlled, mind warping tentacle. That through media, controlled most of the so called democratic states. According to Vaclav Havel, the fall of the communist system were when the reality people experienced in the street were too far from what the state sponsored media presented to them. They started to read between the lines and decipher the real meaning.

The secret service had a humongous library of almost all citizens of the state, forcing new critical voices into silence through hard-handed measures. The same as Iran today.

The northern kingdoms are the same, just a lighter version. The state sponsored media is tightly controlled, and dissidence is monitored and persecuted and held under scrutiny. The light version of the socialist state, because that is what it is, is the fact that they do not directly kill dissidents, but persecute them through the many tentacles of the state. When you get a new job, they will contact the employer, when they want to disrupt your life, they infiltrate your family and friends to slowly wear you down. I have tried it, some of my friends have tried it.

The signs of a beginning of the end is the fact that people do not trust the media anymore. The reality is too far from the media conveyed reality. When the public television makes an islamfest, and sings about the beauty of the islamic faith, it rings discordantly when your best friend have either been harassed or maybe killed by a muslim. The reality and the media are two distinctly different pictures.

Now, to understand how to make a system change from corrupt Islamist infested socialism to true democracy, we need to make use of some of the same means as we did when we fought down communism.

These were propaganda, economical pressure, infiltration, and direct invention if a system are at the brink of collapse.

The northern kingdoms are a the brink of collapse. It is only through desperate and coordinated oppression that it still maintains the evil grip over the common man. As the common man tries to control his own life, through the scam democratic processes, the real power behind the democratic appearance; secret service, media, bureaucracy seek to bring down any opposition to the socialist/Islamist system.

We need a push in the right direction to stop the rapes and the persecution. But it has to be done in a controlled and slow manner.

Looking at the Islamist penetration, they are not so difficult to address. Their major weak point is the top down organization. If you remove the leader, the organization will be seriously weakened. This was what we saw in the consecutive hits on al-Qaeda leadership, it works.

We could simply reuse the same method in Europe, it is the same people, so they are probably organized the same way.

Adressing the falling socialist/Islamist state. It is a bit more difficult. The Stasi, or PET in Denmark should be addressed with very violent means. It is an absurd colossus with stake and influence in most governmental bodies. It control everything; media, banking, education, what it wishes to control, it controls. It is completely without control by the government. It simply refuses to answer any call from the politicians, and it tries to control the political process the best it can. It should be bombed and annihilated, these are evil incarnate.

The media is not as bad as the PET. It is very influenced by new trends in society, but is still working against any serious criticism. I now from myself, I have been completely banned from any media penetration from the day I joined SIAD. They listen to what I say, but I am, in any way practical 100% censored.

It should receive a slow pressure on the leading positions of the editorial boards. To see if they will turn around a become more transparent. I doubt it, but it does not matter much. People do not listen much to them anymore anyway.

These are my recommendations. We should work them out in the next three to four months, and execute them in tandem with the Iran confrontation. We need to hit both targets to be really effective.

G-d bless the bold and the free.

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