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When we consider the possibilities of defending the West, we also have to consider the acts of treason.

Let me put it this way. If you send soldiers to fight for the freedom of the Libyan people, or the Afghan people, you do not send them back to have their own kids raped by the very same people they are fighting abroad. This is intolerable, and I know that I speak on the behalf of all military personnel in their complete disregard of this policy.

Let me give an example. The same time we were fighting in Libya, there was a huge discussion in Denmark concerning a mega mosque sponsored directly by the Iranian regime in Denmark. There is still some discussion on the exact sponsoring, but according to my sources within the iranian expat community, it was sponsored by the mullahs.

This megamosque is planned, along with an entire medina collection of cultural institutions and schools in the center on Copenhagen. Untill this day, the entire political establishment has, unofficially, condoned the project.

What signal does this send to the mullahs? It is a clear signal of allegiance, add to this the open antisemitism of the leading artist of Denmark, the most outspoken is actually one of my family, the renowned international director star Lars von Trier.

You have a clear case of allegiance, bordering direct subordination.

The Scandinavian countries along with some other of the leading countries of the north are, today, henchmen of the mullahs.

Now, we have put an increased pressure on the mullahs, and the effect has been a toning down of rhetorics. This is done along an increased focus on the atomic warhead project. I thought Iran would need a rocket to use it, but according to the new information I have obtained, all you need is the actual enriched uran. You can then send it via courier or other ways.

But this increased pressure has not had any influence on the Scandinavian countries, actually the support of the Mullahs has increased the last two years, and the pressure on the liberal and democratic opposition to the mullahs has increased, using the Stasi of Denmark; PET to crush the opposition.

Now, if we fight one war in the vicinity of our homes, and leave the other enemies untouched, how will we fare in the long run? We will be the losers. We have to step up the pressure on Scandinavia to stop their support of the mullahs.

This can be done in many ways. The best is off cause international condemnation, there is a possibility of economic sanctions or diplomatic signals.

It all comes down to the reaction of the public leaders, will they accept an increased support of Iran, or will they actually step down. We have reached a red line here in Scandinavia, too many rapes, too much destruction, too many murders, too little support of the individual needs of the people. It is time to define a red line, in accordance with the red line of Mr. Netanyahu. We will not accept any more destruction of our homes, we will not accept increased rate of theft and criminal activity, we will not accept it. I know, that the military will not support the mullahs friends. The politicians and the public system have the internal security system to defend them, nothing more. So in reality they are absolutely defenseless. They are at prey. They just do not know this. Show it to them, and they will turn around.

G-d bless the peace we may have, if we fight for our homes.

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