American election

When focusing on the next issue of the tv debates, you must realize, that you are in the best possible strategical situation. All the cards are on your hand. Play it with eloquence, intelligence and drive. There are several gaffes to point to; the tour of England, the animosity of Russia and the possible explosion of anti Americanism in the entire Middle East if Romney becomes the next president.

On your hand we have already several impressive scores. I believe the most important discussion will be on the ideological content of the wars in the Middle East. Americans need a sense of pride and positive attention. This is what you can give them by underlining the positive and good development we have created in the Middle East. Tell them that you fought for democracy on your term, and you believe that the world has become a better place to live in, and a more secure place. You know that everything is not perfect, and there are much to do. But there is a lot of American spirit in the world.

Tell them that you wanted to give people change, and you have. Not as much internally as you would have wanted, because of the gridlock in the process of government, but you proved yourself as commander of the American army as liberator and a proud standard-bearer.

Add to this the improved standing in the world of America. And you believe that all Americans can be proud of being just that; the liberators and the good guys.

Tell them, that you will continue to serve as the protector of the American people, and the fighter for freedom.

Tell them, that your experience tells you, that at the bottom line in war it is a matter of justice. If you fight in a just manner, you will not have to use a great and imposing arsenal of firepower, because people will acknowledge that the example you put forward will inspire to do good.

It worked in Libya, it helped the Arab spring, and this is what you intend to continue if you get the chance; to bring peace.

Bottom line, you see yourself as a peace bringer, and you have the record to prove it.

There will be discussions on this and that, but you have all the necessary arguments to counter the offensive. Do not seem rude, seem confident, professional and yourself. You have the record to show for, and show to them. This is your chance.

G-d bless the free, the just and the loving.

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