Spiritual harmony

There is an ongoing debate in the great state of America, it is a discussion on the justice of tax. Let me be clear, the socialist ideas are not all good; the abolishment of ownership, the uncontrolled solidarity based on corruption. But that is not all, there are tools in the socialist toolbox that really work, but we have to understand the mechanisms of the principles to make it work on the long run.

Socialism is really a mix of things, often a mix that is a little jumbled together. First of all, it is based on the principles of Sparta, and the beauty of that just kingdom. The ideals of Sparta are absolutely in order, and they were, for good reasons highly respected in the ancient hellenic world. But the transformation into a socialist idea was flawed, because the socialists did not understand the true focus of Lycurgus, the mythical founder og Sparta. Lycurgus was focused on justice, on law, and this deep respect for the law was the actual strength of the Spartans. Somehow the ideals of justice and the respect for law was lost in the transformation to socialism.

Looking on the treasure of socialism, there are however more to it than just the spartan ideas. Marx was an avid reader of Democritus, an amazing Hellenic philosopher. one of those philosophers who put together a seamless philosophy bridging natural science, politics and medicine. A true renaissance philosopher.

They call him the laughing philosopher, because one of the main focuses of Democritus was laughter and joy. Now Democritus was focused on harmony, and how to create a society where people were actually happy. Marx must have really liked him, and I think, if you look behind the nerdish and secluded philosopher, you would find a person who really tried to bring about a world with harmony and trust. A least, that is the aim of Democritus, and Marx must have had his sympathy for philosopher, otherwise how would not have written his doctorate about him.

One central piece of socialist theory have survived the test of time, and is now widely implemented in most western society; the progressive tax. To understand the principle we have to understand why Democritus proposed the idea. He says:

“Factional strife (stasis) within the group is bad for both sides, for it destroys the victor and the vanquished alike.”

“When those in power venture to provide funds for the poor and to do them services and be kind to them, the result is compassion, an end to isolation, the formation of comradeships, mutual assistance and concord among the citizens, and other benefits too numerous to list.”

Today many people see the tax issue as a part of a class struggle. That was not the point for Democritus, for him it was all about harmony. The inequality of the very rich bending upon the very poor makes a lot of struggle, but if we are more alike, the harmony will arise. This is the argument Democritus uses, and perhaps this is the argument we can use today.

The there be peace and spiritual harmony.

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