Faith in spirit

When Anaxagoras, the philosopher who invented atom physics, and revolutionized the understanding of the nature, put his thesis to test, he was ostracized, even worse, he was put to jail. Many laymen saw him as a Nietzschean philosopher, trying to kill G-d.

In a way, he succeeded, but the premise of his renewal of thought, is also the door we can step through, to rekindle the fire that Nietzsche put out. The fire of thought, of truth and of G-d.

According to Nietzsche, a man came down from the hills, and “lo and behold”, his word were; “don’t you know, G-d is dead?”.

This message has reverberated and left us demoralized since then. Now we are so demoralized, that islam, with its firm belief in G-d, are here to overthrow us, if someone do not rebalance the sheets.

This task is the task of the philosopher. As Plato says, he is to bring the light into the furthest corners of the manmade cave of darkness.

Just because the muslims believe in G-d, they do not have the proof. To be honest, the reason why they believe in G-d, is because their philosophers have not had the audacity to enter into the discussion of Nietzsche. They simply do not understand the very basic discrepancy between physics and metaphysics. Having a low understanding of metaphysics, they do not understand the physical arguments either.

We are here to change that, because if we do not fight for our piece of turf, we will be eradicated by the stupid in his blind faith.

We need to mend the gap.

Anaxagoras had friends though, he had Pericles, who helped him in his time of tragedy. Because, yes, Anaxagoras did have a critique of the current understanding of G-d as the sun. He said; the sun is but a stone. But he had another much deeper understanding of the universe, that is in accordance with atomic physics. It is the fact, that G-d is intelligence.

I have discussed it before, and therefore I will not repeat myself, just ask, whoever reads this; please, hold on to the understanding of G-d as something real. It is there, and Anaxagoras was persecuted, but he prevailed, and made the basis of our understanding of G-d today.

This is a part of the formula; we have to change the tide, and give a serious answer to the question of how we survive as a culture; we need to refind that fire kindled by Pericles, produced by Anaxagoras; the fire of faith in spirit.

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