To stay true

There are many threaths that we have to meet, the stigmatization, the persecution, the unimaginable corruption in the close relationships of friends and family.

We need to sustain, we need to gain, we need to recapture the flag. The flag of freedom.

This is some of the experiences we can draw from the last confrontation on European soil between agents of freedom, and agents of chaos and fascism.

In fact, we all want one thing; freedom. Freedom for the trade, freedom for the people, free speech, free government, enlightenment. But we have to understand, that where there is freedom, there is responsibility.

Take free trade. Free trade will only work as long as the intellectual property is secure. Patents, knowledge, design are really valuable entities that we cannot work without. The great impossible threat of China is the simple fact, that China does not respect the intellectual property. Therefor it is unfit for business.

Free trade will only work as long as the basic rules of engagement, business and law is respected, if it is not, business is not a free commodity anymore, it is an item of great value that should be protected with great care.

Take the production of silk. The production of silk was a well-guarded secret, guarded by the chinese, until a western monk spied it out and brought the secret to Europe. The chinese are using the same methods now, but just the other way around, we should stop this or loose our lead in the race in the world when it comes to production and wealth.

It is serious and we should not be fooled.

Then there is the question of material wealth, that is rapidly slipping from our fingers. This has to do with another item of ideology; faith.

Right now the multiculturalists and some of the socialdemocratic party are doing their very best to extricate all the wealth from our world and put it into corrupt projects. Why? because they have no faith.

Arthur Koestler has a simple explanation that gave me an “aha”, when I read it.

In his book “Scum of the earth”, he is confined in the equivalent of a concentration camp in France. Koestler has had a déjà vu with the desperate scum of the spanish civil war, because in the concentration camp, the vestiges of the volunteers in the spanish civil war is interned. They are the very low and prostituted youth, driven from poverty to even lower stages of desperation in the face of french civil internment. The desperate crusaders, driven by the light of the early communist ideas, left as wrecks by Stalin when he abandoned the spanish cause.

What de Stalin abandon? The fight for freedom, the fight for at nation of democracy. The volunteers had volunteered because they wanted to fight for freedom of the spanish people, when Stalin turned around and left the revolution to fester on the ground, he abandoned the hope of the communist, and turned it into at monster. The monster it is still today.

What do we do in face of the persecution we meet?

Well Koestler has another lesson to teach us. In the concentration camp there were to kind of people; the prostitutes and the idealists. The idealists were the few, the prostitutes were the many.

Most succumbed to prostitution when they were faced with the harsh reality of the world, and the easiness of the corruption. Why not cut a corner here, and loosen up a little there?

Well, most did, but the few who stood tall, were like the sunbeam in the middle of a storm, bright, true and honest.

This is the cause we have to take, I think. As everybody else are corrupted, because they did not have the guts, were too egoistic, were too weak, we are still here, the last tall trees of the wood, we are still here to try to stretch our branches and give a little comfort to the weak beneath our green canopy.

Strength lie in ideas that are greater than ourselves. And the idea is pretty simple, but yet of the noblest of principles, the idea is to give freedom to the people. The people are tyrannised, charlataned, put behind bars, persecuted, lied to, manipulated. But we are still here, the true guardians of the people. We are still here, and the people may not like what we are saying, but they know we are there to protect them.

Let us have a simple prayer; pray that we stay true, pray that we are the ones who will, despite the pressure, despite the antagonisms, despite the betrayal we meet, we will keep our backs strong and say what is true to all.

We are the few sons of light, and we should always stay as that, untill we are no more.

G-d bless us all.

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