The West

As we approach the inevitable conflict between the hordes of Ahmadinejad and the West, it seems we are ill prepared. The West is but a silly old spinster, trying its very best to eliminate all its own strength. Using its resources to promote its enemies, as it is trying to curb it young heroes.

It is fallacy and stupidity, and it has to stop. We cannot continue on this course of fallacy, we need to turn the tide, in order to stop the self-destruction we are heading for.

Arthur Koestler, the great political thinker of the second world war, had a quite simple point as to how France lost its soul; it was demoralized. It is when people stop saluting the flag, when they lose the faith in their country and people, that things start to fall apart.

This is exactly the problem we have today. The artificial European project is but a demoralizing and destructive idea, because it tries it very best to destroy the nations as it is not capable of building a european identity.

Therefor the net result is just destruction of Europe.

The valiant few, who try their best to conquer the spirit of Europe in a new sense of nationhood meet the combined threat of islamism as well as the destructive forces of EU. Both forces are there to either destroy Europe or conqour it.

The task is therefore to make a combined effort on both fronts; islamism and the EU.

They work together to destroy Europe, and should consequently be seen as the same enemy.

If you have an enemy, you have to attack the weakest spot.

What is the weakest spot of the enemy? It is the uncontrollable hordes of Ahmadinejad. He plots and schemes as he tries his best to use the KGB methods he has learned combined with the ideas of jihad.

Now, he is a fool, and not able to control all the stupid minions of the european islamic treath. This is our strength.

It is quite simple; we need to provoke the muslims into frenzy, if they do that, they will burn down the EU as well.

More demonstrations, more provocations, more cartoons, more riots.

Not on our side, but on the side of the enemy, because their rioting will bring them to forefront as they really are.

Thycudides the ancient greek scholar had a point in his description of the Pelleponese war. In this war as he said, it was not the actual fighting that were a problem. Great deeds were done, valiant fighting were seen. No it was the division among the populace that was the problem. People either found themselves on one side (democracy) or the other side (spartan communism).

Now the sides are pretty much defined; islamism against democracy based on spirit.

People are forced to choose side now, where do you wish to be? On the democratic side or the islamistic side?

As the EU is collaborating with the palestian islamist, forcing them on Europe, we know where they stand. This is the weakness of the EU; the collaboration with the islamists.

The more the islamists are provoked into turmoil, the more people are forced to choose side. In this way, the democratic league will pick up steam, and define the next decade of organization on a state level.

But, there is a but.

We are under heavy fire. From one side it is the combined forces of Ahmadinejad in collaboration with the local muslim clericacy. Yes they have front groups as CAIR and other stupid advocacy frontoragnizations of deceit.

But really these organizations are just the tip of the iceberg. The real threat is beneath the radar; the muslim street gangs. These are the real force of Ahmadinejad in Europe and other places. These forces are irregulars, and difficult to control, often they go berserk in riots and hatemongering.

We should use these brutes of no intelligence as a force against themselves. Let them riot, let them steal, let them do all they can to put pressure on the state system that put them there in the first place. As soon as we can create division between the EU and their muslim collaborators, we are in the fray.

On the other side, the european states are using their means to try to take the wind out of out projects.

They have different tactics. In the beginning they used the official system of law. We have all tried to be persecuted by the law, and this was much to our convenience instead of our problem. It gave us a platform to make our statements from.

Now this strategy has, more or less, been abandoned for a new tactic; the persecution by the secret police. This tactic has been much more succesful, as we are all feeling the heat from the corrupt influence of the PET, Internal intelligence or whatever they are called.

The strategy is mainly as follows; they infiltrate all your close relatives; your family, your friends, your organization. From here they try to either control you or bring you down.

This strategy is both personally destructive and evil in its very core, but it has a remedy. You need to cut off the sick branches of your close relations.

Personally I have been forced out of many relations otherwise dear to me. It is pretty tough, but the soon as you sniff out the foul breath of the secret police, cut off your connection to whoever seem to be under the spell of being a “police informer”, snitches really, that is what they are.

Then after you have cut off all the unhealthy branches of family and friends, rebuild everything based on the people you trust.

Most important is your wife. Behind a strong man is a strong woman, find yourself a strong woman, and protect her and let her support you. Control her if you must, she is the most important.

Then rebuild your friendships only with people you trust.

We are heading for a war, and there are no space for fools or the naive.

G-d bless the West.

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