As the english are persecuted by the islamists, it is of a very deep importance, that the great warriors that used to roam the sea of Skagerak and defend the narrow channel from the hordes of the Norman, persevere.

Let us be honest and serious about the great threat posed and delivered to the great and humble yeomen; the combined threat of the EU and the french aggression. EU is but a forefront of Gallic/Norman ascendency to rule the Europeans. And as the game is fought in the normal manner of the french; deceit, cunning backhands, and destitute secrecy, the english should be beware of the deceit that is aimed at its very heart.

England is the last fort that has not been stormed by the greedy armies of deceit, and if England falls, the rest of Europe will fall to the corruption that is pulsed in vile beams as from the sickening corpse called EU.

England needs to turn around, protect itself, be itself, stand up for itself, brace that immersive and beautiful land of meadows.

We need to understand, that the corrupt waves crashing the shores of sand, shores so wetted with the blood of the defenders, has to stop.

Simply, pull the plug, stop it, do not look back, end the tyranny of that vile, mongrel, corrupt entity of deceit.

We are under the spell of corruption here in Denmark, as the system tries it best in sovietstyle to persecute its intellectuals, to bring down the critisizers of islam. To battle all that is beautiful and free.

But we still stand, amidst the theft and the evil persecution, as we are rained upon, spit upon, hated by the corrupt multiculturalist.

We still stand among the rubble of our state, put under the thumb of that same french megalith, that is tyrranising the rest of the freethinking individuals, as they fall one by one.

We still stand, and we will stand until someone will pull the last thread of Denmark.

Be with us, as you stand as well.

You are now the guiding light of Europe, light it up so we can all see, that there is hope.

G-d bless England

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