The jews and the meeting in Aarhus

It has been a fine day for freedom, or rather it has been a day where the mechanisms of the decomposing socialist/Islamist state of Denmark had a punch on its nose.

It did all it could to bring us down; the media, the secret police, the hordes of communist youth and Islamist youth attacked the bulwarks of the demonstration for freedom. We stood our ground and laughed in their faces, as they blew their cover.

But let me start with a little story.

When the meeting was under course, I had the honour to share a few words with an elderly jew. He stood there with his alert eyes, his fine hands (he is a pianist), and said the simple words:

“I read the book Mein Kampf” I knew the words were true; they wanted to kill the jews. Then i read the Koran, and I knew the same simple truth; they want to kill the jews.”

It is a simple as that. The european Islamist communities are, unlike the arabs in the Middle East eager to kill the jews. As they succeeded in France.

This is the basic quintessential conclusion of the meeting. On one side were the coalition of Danes, Englishmen, Frenchmen, Fins, Swedes, Norwegian, Germans, Poles and they fight alongside the jews. On the other side are the socialists the fight they jews together with the Islamists.

That is it, no more discussion of the subject, the teams have chosen their comrades, let the show begin.

Now, and then just a small hiccup. The israeli embassy did not support the demonstration. How in earth are we going to fight for the jewish cause, if we cannot support the demonstrations that are actually targeting the enemies of the jews?

There was a reason why we did build a state, and that was because when the time came when jews were persecuted again, we would have a system to support us.

Now, a least it could have held a low profile. It did not, some changes in the leadership of that embassy should occur, it does not work it is not politically suave enough. We are fighting to end the endless cycles of jewhathred and persecutions. Well, then the state should work to protect the fighters that try to do that. That at least is my opinion. We need other people as servants of the jewish state, people who are prepared to support the jewish causes.

It is as simple as that.

G-d bless us all.

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