When talking about conservatism, it seems to me that Romney at the meeting in may, was a strange carricature of a conservative. Mind you, I should know, being a conservative philosopher myself.

What is it really to be a conservative? Well, these days many conservatives tend to look at the ideas of Adam Smith and his free enterprise ideas. During the Bush administration it was put to its extreme, and it is not wrong to say, that it has run its course as an idea we can use, as Keynesianism, on the other side.

We need to remake the idea of conservatism, and although conservatism can be many things, there is however one thing it is for certain; it is the ideological fight for justice.

Justice has always been at the center of anyone who would want to support country, faith and the wellbeing of man.

How could we then put these basic ideas into a new use? Well we would first have to discuss what justice really is. Justice is an ancient idea, that was first defined in Babylon and in Egypt. The Babylonian idea is more what one would understand as a conservative version, since it goes hand in hand with the aristocratic ideas later put forth by the orders of the knights.

It is simple. According to Hammurabi, the Babylonian king who invented this first step of civilization, we have law to protect the weak against the strong. In an uncivilized world, it is the strong that will rule the weak, so to control that, we put up rules, to protect the farmer, the child, the normal citizen against the strong criminal.

Seen in an international view, it is the same that goes into the fight against tyranny. Here again it is the strong tyrant that will subdue the weak citizen, and through at helping hand, and ultimately the government of democracy, constructed over the rule of law, is the redemption of the weak of the states of the tyrant.

These ideals are exactly the same as the knights upheld in the middle ages, and all the way back to the Roman Empire, they were the defenders of the weak. Women and children, the destitute and poor.

These ideals are, as I see it the center of a conservative renaissance. It is not about finger pointing or bickering, it is about the positive drive towards a world where justice rules, and the citizen can rest assured that the knights in shining armour, be it a policeman or a soldier, will protect them in their sleep. No animals of destruction, or villains will steal their life, or ruin their sleep, because of the valiant protector that lend them their strong arm to rest on.

Talking about conservatism, I have a feeling, that there is one partner that needs a bit of protection these days, Japan. It seems to me, that the chinese are saber rattling, and they are directly threatening an ally of the West; the japanese. Be as it may, japanese warriors did not fare well in the second world war, but that is a long time ago, and now they are dependent of the West.

I would give them that protection, to show the chinese, that we are not afraid of them.

Japanese have the idea, that justice is the protection of life, well, seen from that perspective, protecting their life, would be an act of justice as well, and it goes hand in hand with the Hammurabi principles.

Lastly, careful in the strait of Hormuz. Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollahs have one very dangerous weapon; submarines. They should not be underestimated, be on alert, constantly for the subs, they are deadly, and should be taken very seriously.

G-d bless us all.

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