In regards to the Iranian threat to Israel, that continues as a possibility we cannot ignore. I have the following ideas and thought as to how we can prepare a peaceful solution to the threat. Maybe not absolutely peaceful, after all, war is a dangerous endeavour, but a solution with the least amount of violence involved.

Let me begin with a story. My grandfather’s brother was an amazing person of his time. Imagine a man of the last century; strong, upright, just and warm at the same time. One of the persons you would wish you had as a grandfather.

He was an enlightened schoolbuilder. His life’s work was a Højskole in a place called Snogerup. a grand theater of learning and wisdom. A place for the young to attend to attain not barren and reproduced knowledge, no, a place for real wisdom.

Being a leading intellectual and a staunch supporter of the liberal cause, he went on a mission to the Faroe Islands. Imagine that place. It is called the most well-preserved island community in the world; avast with monumental cliffs and thunderous waves beating at the shore in an endless battle between sea and the puny refuge of an old tribe.

Denmark has had the stewardship over the Faroe Islands for a thousand years, all the way back to the viking ages. So it is an ancient relationship between the Islands and the mainland. Often there has been a bit of a tendency to break free of the proud islanders.

So my grandfather’s brother wanted to mend the rift that was between the islanders of Faroe and the people of Denmark, and he went on a mission.

He set up camp in the most conservative of conservative camp of the Faroese, and he had a message. He said; I represent the spirit of the people of Denmark, we realize, that it has not always been perfect, and for this we are sorry. We do respect the wishes of the Faroese, and we wish to make peace.

Now many could see this as a weakness. But the Faroese, could understand, that he really meant it, and many of the wrongdoings in the past were really mended. I think the basic point of his spirited voyage was to underscore, that he represented the people. This is the strength of Democracy. You can travel as an envoyage of the people, and in this, you are able to really bind ties to the people you meet.

It worked, and it has made the relationship between Denmark and the Faroe Islands a peaceful and mutually enriched cooperation for many years now.

In Denmark we call it mellemfolkelighed or what you would translate as the good relationship between people of different countries.

When we talk about Libya, the example of my grandfather’s brother was what inspired me in many of the recommendations, I gave here at rubicon and my little newspaper Lykeon, that drove the Danish intellectual contribution to the conflict.

Talking about Iran, I would propose the same method; it is about understanding the needs and the motives of the people, and give them the freedom to chose the path they wish, if you can see they really strive for a democratic existence.

Iran has its faults. And Ahmadinejad has become a little less aggressive, but still, the Iranian people in general are sick and tired of the destructive and hard-handed, unjust operations of the Iranian republic. As I am here in Denmark, where the secret police has tried, in vain to stop my search and fight for freedom of my people, the Iranians are disgusted with hangings of gays, the restriction of women and so on. They want freedom based on their own traditions that they are proud of.

My strategy for a second term in American politics, would be that; to give hope and change to the Iranian people. As we did with the Libyan people. These days, the Libyan people have chosen side. They side with the friend who gave them their freedom. This could be done again.

G-d bless the peace of the peoples of the world.

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