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We are soon entering a direct confrontation with China, and now also Taiwan wants to play. In the confrontation between Japan, Taiwan and China with regards to the minute islands far from any of the three powers, it is all about the money. As I am informed, there is a lot of oil beneath the islands, so the three powers are fighting over it.

This leads to the open and very clear conclusion; we need to get our business, in terms of production, out of China. We can still trust the japanese, but China is not to be trusted. I think the aquisition of the halfmade aircraft carrier bought from Ukraine on the pretext, that it was supposed to be a casino, talks for itself. Especially since it is floating around, close to a possible enterance in the conflict with japan and Taiwan. We are facing a potential face off between the three powers. America will be hard pressed by Japan to enter into the conflict, but the strength of America is sucked up by China, so it is not a situation that is, in any way, sustainable in the long run. We need those factories back to Ohio.

I am a bit surprised by the fact that the businessmen have not, themselves seen the problematic situation. This falls back on the unpatriotic vibe that must be in American business these days. Listen; American business is supposed to be the core of America. If you build something yourselves, should this only be kept for yourselves, or could it be a base for something else? I will tell you what American business is the base of; it is the base of America. So if the businessmen do not support the country, well then the country suffers. The country is a protector, also for the businessmen. So they should be supportive.

G-d bless the faithful.

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