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We are soon entering a vital phase of the election; the debates. These debates are crucial, because here the contestants are facing each other in a fierce battle on words and ideas. We need to be prepared, very prepared.

I cannot contribute with all the details we have to be in control of, but I can support with some basic reflection, on the some of the issues, I have had the honour to work with.

In a debate, as in any other contest, it is all about initiative. Who has the ball. So, from the beginning we need to be hard pressing on the issues we know are weaknesses. First and foremost, the main disadvantage of Romney is foreign policy. He has fumbled in this field, overwhelmingly. His nice, but unmartial stance on the issues are not really working. Yes, he supports Israel, but really, can you see the soft and loving grandfather be a Ronald Reagan or George Bush? No, he seems to meek to me. He would not have the true balls to take on that fight.

Now, he has also no idea about the current state of diplomatic equilibration. He has no clue about the standing we are in when it comes to Russia or Iran.

He knows a little about Israel, and a little about China that is it.

He does not understand, that what we are facing, if we fight along cold war lines, is turning the cold war into a hot war. That would be absurd, but that would be the reality. So, we need to ask him what he thinks will really happen if he attacked Iran full force? How would he imagine the power calibration of the Middle East would react to it. The most possible reaction would be an inflaming of the entire Middle East, and that would, potentially spread to the rest of the world, and a third world war would initiate.

Therefor, the most rational approach is a slow but mounting pressure, that might, might not result in a system change scenario. This has been the strategy until now, and it has paid off in a much more stable and less war-torn Middle East. Yes, there is Syria right now. But, the alternative could have been all out war.

The long goal is to make system change in Iran, for the sake of the Iranians, with the consent of Russia. This would effectively end the cold war, and it would, if everything goes well, introduce a much closer relationship to Russia.

Talk something about Russia; the warm connection between your administration and the current Russian administration. Tell people, that, potentially, Russia can be, if everybody agrees, a very close ally to the West. Mutual bonds of trade and cultural exchange could be the result of your presidency. Tell him, that Russia has changed a lot, and democratic and civil progress has been made. Tell them, that it is time to end the war with Russia, and find peace. You can tell him, that that peace would be the golden crown on your presidency. That is a vision worth a true leader of America.

Turning your gaze to the other end of the world, we have China. China is not the partner we thought it was, it is a cheater.

The way to tackle China is simple; we need to further the aggression towards China in the respects that are sensible. Not too much, not too little. This will have a dual effect. First of all, it will belittle the progress of China, a true foe of the West. Secondly, it will force the businessmen who have conducted business with a supported ally, but really an untrustworthy, selfish, player, to stop the production, and bring it back to Ohio.

So, you reach two goals in one policy with China.

Then comes the one million dollar question; how do we, in practice, move the production back to US mainland? Well there is carrot, and there is the whip. It has to be a mix of that. Start off with dialogue, but we need to move fast, in the realization, that we could eventually risk a war with China. So production needs to be moved back as fast as possible.

We have a chance to beat China, if we are faithful.

If we export our good ideas, and import the refined goods, we will be beaten in the production race. It is the combination of creativity and hard work that sets the West apart. Hard work can be done by many countries, creativity is the hall-mark of many cultures. But the combination is western.

We need to put a system into effect to harness the power we have, and reach a new state of strength.

Talking about strength. There is one strength we have, that Romney does not have. We are stronger when it comes to values; free speech, justice, humanism. This is a point well worth giving. People will ask; how will you really change things. You could answer. Well, there are this number practical measures you can do. But the end of the day, it is more a leadership skill job you feel you have. You feel that your basic job is to inspire people to really be faithful to the values of the country. You try to do that be setting an example whenever you can. Do what you preach yourself. To be loyal to the nation, faith and democratic values as you see them unfolded in the civil rights movement. Values are on the inside, not on the outside. It is a personal thing, and you try to be a good example.

Tell them, that you serve the people with all your heart, and try your best to fight for the disenchanted, the poor, the ones who have very little. This is your example to follow if people want to save America. Be loyal, all of all Americans.

Then, there will be attacks. On the foreign policy, you need to consider the following, perhaps more:

1. Was the Stevens embassy compound well enough protected? Romney might want to try a “Jimmy Carter”

2. Are there any connection between the Liberal administration and The Moslem Brotherhood. There are rumors, and it is wise to have a good answer to that question. I would say, that there are off cause negotiations, but that is as it is with any other partner in the Middle East. Just, make sure, not to be caught in a lie.

There is a lot to discuss concerning the debates, some mock-up training might be an idea. Use a few “advocates of the devil” to try to test you thoroughly, attacking you with all the slander and possible arguments they can invent.

G-d bless America and peace if we are strong enough

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