Freedom of speech

When it comes to the defense of free speech, there can be absolutely no discussion; it is not to be suppressed in any way possible. It is the first principle of democracy, and there is no way to control a curbing of it in any rational way. Either we have it, or we do not have it.

The reason why freedom of speech is such a central principle is manifold.

Let me take you a bit down in history to celebrate some of the turning points.

The very first invention of anything close to freedom of speech was by the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. He is the true founder of all monotheistic religions, that is Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In his view, the sun would be an impersonation of the spiritual realm, and the rays would be its way to reach humanity; hence illumination. Now this illumination on earth is the truth. Speak the truth he said, because in this you would be close to heaven. How can we be on a path of truth, if we cannot speak freely?

Fast forward to Greece, here there is first the renowned philosopher Parmenides from Elea. In his philosophy you could walk on the path of opinion or on the path of truth. How can we walk the path of truth if we cannot speak freely?

The most important philosopher however, when it comes to democracy is Socrates. Socrates was a genius in the Hellenic world, he personally changed the entire stream of philosophy without writing down a single word. He said; I am the wisest man in all Greece, because I know I do not know anything. His philosophy is basically one single point; there is one place where we can find truth, and that is in dialogue. This was refined by first Plato and thereafter Aristotle, who gave us what we know as moderne science, through the first french renaissance. Socrates died  because he believed in freedom of speech.

These are the most important of our ancestors who gave us the central point of principle when it comes to democracy. But there are others as Voltaire who was the example of the second french renaissance, or Poul Henningsen here in Denmark. Who fought, with their life at stake, for freedom of speech. Lately we have had a bit of a confrontation between some Islamists and Denmark concerning freedom of speech. Everybody else, or most, have backed down on the principle, except your most beloved or hated philosopher Asger.

These are all examples we need to heed. There can be no discussion, freedom of speech are not for sale. Then why? Because corruption and evil will lurk in the shadows. Lies, deceit, arrogance, unfaithfulness, egoism all these things thrive in darkness. Often it is the truthsayer who are persecuted, but the truthsayer who is the most important to society.

Therefor, and for democracy that holds as the crown on its ancient head, the freedom to write and speak freely, we will not stand down. Not now, not ever. The guys that made the terrible Mohammed film, hereby has my honest and uncompromising support. I may not like the film, but I will go into oblivion for your right to make it.

G-d bless the free and bold

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