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Peace in the Middle East

It is very important, that we fulfill a role as mediators and peacebringers of the world. Right now, there are two main powers of the world; Russia and The united States of America. Both are vary of each other, and we stand, in all respects, right in the middle of the competition between the two. […]

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The next step in the middle east

March 25th, 2012 No comments

Times are changing in the Middle east, the peace between the West and Iran has finally emerged as a possibility. It seems, that Iran has backed down on its nuclear development, and is finally igniting an serious discussion to hopefully end the long stand-off against the western coalition. It is a bit like the cuban […]

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Iran and strategies

March 18th, 2012 No comments

The situation in the Middle East seem to progress a bit in the direction of peace. We should, as I see it, avoid confrontation on all cost. We do not need another war, if we can avoid it, but only do war if it is absolutely necesarry. It seems to me, that there are two […]

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The Muslim Brotherhood and The Arab League

February 7th, 2012 No comments

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Arab League has become a problem. Why? Because they do not belong to the democratic league, and they have been actively plotting against the West and Russia through organizations as CAIR and OIC. Now, in the Middle East they serve as bases of power for us, and they have a […]

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The sons and daughters of Abraham

November 23rd, 2011 No comments

Within the sphere of creation, one aspect of spirituality attracts special attention; the works of Hermes or the works of Atum. Within this ideology the fellowship of man is paramount. We believe, that the common soul of all the creation of G-d is one. But to reach a state of oneness, the path of light […]

Let there be light

We have to be realistic about the demise of the West, the consequences and the repercussions. Yes, the West did a lot of awfull deeds in the past; Congo, China, South America but the tide has turned, the wrong deeds are payed back, and it is time the West should start fending for itself again. […]

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The egyptian ideas of illumination and justice are very difficult to reach, the basic problem is the understanding of these beautiful ideas. We strive, we think, we struggle to be as they were, but we are but meagre shadows compared to the giants who built the pyramids, the amazing maze of antiquity, the lore of […]

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Let there be peace

To try to understand the current events in the Middle East, one has to dig deep into to the collective consciousness of mankind. What happens now is the result of a unending proces from the days of Abraham to today, the proces of illumination from the metaphysical realm to the human. As an alledged Anaxagorean, […]

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