Let there be light

We have to be realistic about the demise of the West, the consequences and the repercussions. Yes, the West did a lot of awfull deeds in the past; Congo, China, South America but the tide has turned, the wrong deeds are payed back, and it is time the West should start fending for itself again. As Obama did in the Libya war, where he fought for the colours of the West. The demoralization the West suffered after the colonial times and as a means of the cold war, have to stop.

Looking at the pro and cons of world hegemony, the West must choose its way carefully. The Libyan war was wise, it left the Arab world as friends, because we chose a path of justice. We never once tried to overburden the libyaese with the rule of the strong, but we kept a promise of help, a claim of solidarity.

Now, this war is more or less over. Still there are some disperse fighting, and Gadaffi must go, but it is time to look upon the world scene with fresh eyes.

The peace agreement in the discussion between the palestinians and the jews must come to a conclusion, and hopefully a peaceful conclusion. The West won some good points on democracy in the fighting, and it must come to give us some movement in the peace process.

Opposed to the peace proces we have the flotilla pr stunt, let us hope it will not foil the attempts to reach peace.

Looking at the next enemy, we oppose a much viler threat; the Islamic republic of Iran. That system is a much more terrifying advesary than any we have met before, because they are all of what we are not. The kindness we have is opposed by egoism by the iranians, the openness and order we try to create os opposed by chaos and subterfuge by the iranians.

In this final theatre of armageddon, that we will reach, if the iranians get their hands on atomic warheads, and the unleash all the weapons of mass destruction, we will meet our final test.

In this frame of war, we could perhaps learn from the ancient wisdom of our forefathers. They talk about the sons of light against the sons of darkness. The point is, that we fight with light against opponents who fight within darkness. Light is truth while as darkness is falsehood and subterfuge. If there ever was an opponent who fought with lies, it is the iranians. All they do is lie, plant spies, push here, then there. They are machinators of darkness.

This leaves us a path forward; we can tell the truth about the ways things are. The prime battlefield can be taken away from the physical world and put into the world of communication. Let everybody know about all the misgivings, all their plays, all their lies and seduction.

Let there be light.

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