To understand the german folkpsyche, you have to understand, that this collection of people is a grand collaboration primed in the deep forest of  the land. Seen from a danish perspective, we are always awed by the sheer grandiosity of the project; the scope, the depth, the magnamity of that old and fierce people.

We should not forget, that the germans and the danes share a common destiny. When Germany was run over by the franks, the german kings fled to Denmark. When Eastern Germany was occupied by the russians, Denmark represented a dream to strive for, a moment of normality germans could warm their hearts on. We, as danes, recognices this, we cherish it. We know that the germans were manipulated and forgetful in the times of the nazis, but the very core of german thought is a deep as deepest lake in the county of Baden-Württemberg. It has layers upon layers of wisdom that you cannot understand if you are not german; Sigfried, Brünhilde, all these myths of yore are the might of the german folksoul.

Things change however, and the ideas of yesterday are the projects of tomorrow. Somehow Germany should rise again as bird Phoenix, yet again a country of yearning and beauty.

We recognice the tradition of Germany in Denmark, in many ways we are intertwined; Kierkegaard, Marx, Luther, Holger Danske, and now we should share ideas and wealth of beauty again. As I see it, the chain jumped of the wheel with Nietzsche, or rather german thought never really got over the devastating blow thought had, as metaphysics and science departed with Darwin. Nietzsche was the consequence of darwinism, a philosophy without G-d, a creed based on only flesh and matter.

This has changed, G-d lives again, and with my prove of G-ds existence, also german philosophy should, or rather, let me put it in another ways; I plead, og beg of german philosophy to regain strength, to have faith again, because only if german philosophy regains its faith in spirit, will the world and specifically the western world, regain its believe in its self. Marx stood up to Hegel, I have stood up to Marx, and in a way Hegel is the crux of thought we need to regain a understanding of.

I remember when I first read Hegel, to be honest, I am no expert in Hegel, but I could trace some of the platonic inspiration in his thoughts. Especially in his beautification of the spirit of the German nation. The beautiful grasping of spirit. This is the means as to how germans can refind themselves; through the reunderstanding of german spirit in the rebuilding of german soul. It has to combine the understand of Abraham with the ideas of Babylon and Egypt. It has to include the ideas of the freestate and the strict moral ethics of the lawstone.

But if Habermas og Slojterdijk could prescribe a medication to Germany, it should not be other than what Habermas already has prescribed; Socrates. The faith in the dialogue, the spirit of truth one can find in between fellowman of Germany.

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