Love and strife

The realization of the basic nature of jewish lore and idea should be combined with day to day actions. Otherwise it is just ideas thrown into the depth of the internet.

To realize the combined task of the jews is to realize the twin tasks of Egypt and Babylon; as Babylon was the cradle of democracy, Egypt was the cradle of much spirituality, and other items of human civilization.

Perhaps it was after we were expelled from Egypt, that we were given the taks of enlightening the world, but it is originally egyptian lore propagated by the heliopolian priests.

However the combination of democratic lore; Abraham and egytian lore; Moses, will give the path as to how we will prevail in some of the conflicts that will arise.

It is all about nature. Nature is propelled by strife and love. If we do not react on anything, we will be, as all nature around us, pushed from love to strife to love to strife. To break that dynamic, we need to be wise. This is where the enlightening ideas are actually the basic idea we can use to break the dynamics. Because, enlightenment is to see things as they are. Strife is all about lies and darkness, love is all about being true.

In this understanding, we can use enlightenment as the weapon to wield in the face of danger. Take the encounter with the socalled peace flotilla projected by some of the vilest liars of the world. A tool to wield agaist this agression is to show the world how things really work, be honest, let people see for themselves. Enligthen the case from the beginning, it will work, perhaps not as the only mean, but it will help.

Then strife will be lessened, because who will actually support a cause based on lies? Only other liars, and we do not have much sympathy for liars.

Fighting physically is also a mean we sometimes have to use, but is should be used with the utmost care, because fighting physically will bring harm to innocent people. Therefor being prudent with the gun is wise.

The balance between love and strife is however very hard to find in direct opposition to an enemy, because our instincts will be to fight. Here the path of light will help us as well, because to see things as they are, will help us picking the right fights.

Take the fight for the libyan people. This fight was right, and Obama did an amazing job here. The fight paved the way for the peace proces that is actually working very well these days. It changed the game in the Middle East, now democracy is a positive idea many people want in the Middle East. Giving Israel a better standing in the Middle East, because the Middle East can learn from the very beautiful democratic traditions of Israel.

The path of light is a very difficult path to walk, because you have to be absolutely honest to yourself and everyone around you. But that path will make you able to judge right from wrong, giving you the knowledge you need to fight the right fights.

Being a son of light is therefor a daunting but serious task we need to choose very carefully, a great responsability goes with the task, but life in peace and happiness is the boon at the of the shining, shimmering rainbow.

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  1. Rex D’artagnen
    June 29th, 2011 at 06:48 | #1

    Thank you for your nice scripts, it is good to see that your thought process is positive and searching for the truth. The following will be my last comment for a while, so I hope that it is helpful. It explain the origin of evil. All the best to you and your family. There are a variety of reasons that can be behind the founding of a religion – some are good, and many are bad. Thus both good and bad religions have been created. There are religions that started as a means for worship. Some to help people improve themselves spiritually or otherwise. Others were specifically created just to control and have power over the people. But even many religions that started with good intentions, degenerated over time into self-serving power structures whose main function was to control people, and make money. They vary in their methods and functions. Most offer their members personal salvation through following the religion’s tenets (beliefs, rituals, and dogma). And thus, they insinuate you will not find God or salvation, if you don’t follow their particular religion. Most also aim to fill an emotional intellectual or psychological need in people’s hearts and minds. They generally each have their own ‘dogma’ – answers to spiritual questions about God, who we are, and the rules that we should live by. Some religions control by using people’s insecurity, and have even been formed based on the insecurity of an ignorant society. Some were based on fear. There is the fear of hell (religion as ‘fire insurance’). There is the fear of God. It is religion that basically comes from the idea of needing to worship and serve a God, or some kind of powerful supreme being, because you actually need to fear Him if you don’t – because He is all powerful and has negative emotional attributes, commits atrocities when angry or jealous, and allows great suffering and disasters when He could easily stop them. Worshipping that kind of God is not much different than being respectful to, and paying homage and taxes to, an evil king, or warlord of the realm, because if you don’t, he may come burn your hut or your fields, or kill you or your family, rape your wife, etc.. In fact, that is precisely what many religions did, and how they used the concept of God. But as opposed to being just a King or a warlord, people were told it was an all-powerful being, like a super powered evil alien from outer-space, bent on taking over and controlling all the people of this planet Earth. And of course the next step in such a religion, is dealing with the abusive power of its leaders. The religion’s leaders, being self-appointed representatives of such a God, would even torture and burn people alive for not ‘believing’, or behaving precisely as they dictated, or precisely as the ‘God’ they represented, dictated that they live. Millions of people have been murdered and tortured as the result of this. Let’s just say for now that people throughout time, and of various religions, have used their particular God, or even their particular ‘name’ for their God, as an excuse to control, torture, and murder. That’s one reason we prefer to call God ‘the Universal Spirit’, rather than anything that personalizes, or segregates the concept. But there have been legitimate or sincere reasons and beginnings for religions too. Some have been formed based on faith, or the moral ideas of the religion’s founder. Some have been based on visions or insights of a great spiritual teacher (unfortunately, when the founding visionary dies, usually dogma and the ‘religion’ take over). Others provide a more direct means for personal salvation, within the framework of dogma. You’ve heard Darwin, you’ve heard of intelligent design and of Genesis. Now you are about to hear another theory, the first one that made sense to me.
    The historical records start with the premise that there is One Great Being (God/Universal Spirit) that is All things, including the Universe itself. It divides/multiplies within itself creating us, thus, our history begins with all of us (humans) essentially being part of, and One with God. The records describe us as being spiritual or ‘angelic’ beings, free to roam, create, and enjoy the Universe. The old teachings go on to say that our beginnings on Earth, came in two steps – a ‘first wave’, and ‘second wave’ of (semi-human and ‘human’) materialization into physical bodies on Earth. At the time, we had the ability to instantly alter our vibration, and instantly create anything we desired, with a mere thought. It was in this way that we ‘thought ourselves’ into matter, into material existence on Earth. Which began our fall from our angelic state, and Oneness with God. You have probably heard of mythological beings such as the Minotaur, Centaur, Mermaid, etc.. The Minotaur, had a bull’s head and a human body, the Centaur, a human head and torso with a horse’s body. You may also have seen pictures of Egyptian ‘gods’ with animal heads and human bodies, or animal bodies and human heads (like the Sphinx). In the Pacific regions, ancient drawings and carvings of ‘bird headed’ humans can be found on both sides of the ocean. Why do you think so much of this exists? Many legends and myths have some foundation in fact, and this is no exception. The ancient teachings from the old world reveal that such creatures did indeed exist and that their origins were not what you might expect – they were the fallen angelic beings from the ‘first wave’ of materialization on Earth. The first wave of materialization was a terrible mistake. The first wave beings materialized as partly human/partly animal creatures. This is why in the story of Lucifer, or the various creatures that were called ‘devils’ or demons or whatever, appear as horned, cloven hoofed creatures with tails – the fact is, they were part goat. This is why goats have become associated with the devil also. But evil, is an entirely different matter. Think not that evil does not exist. But true evil, disguises itself, and points the finger at innocents. (But if they knew better they would do better). The stories you have heard have become terribly mixed up. But there was no ‘rebellion’ or defiance against the will of God until AFTER this fall, not prior to the fall as is often depicted. It was just a mistake or error at first. Try telling one person in the meeting hall a story, and ask him to repeat it quietly to the next, and the next person to the next, until it comes back to you. By the time you hear your original story, it will not even be recognizable. There were more ‘fallen angels’ than Lucifer. And they took many different part animal forms. For ease of description we call the part human, part animal beings that fell into physical vibration or matter, during the ‘first wave’ of materialization, ‘humanimals’. As soon as the first wave beings materialized in their ‘humanimal’ bodies, they suffered a great ‘fall’ in vibration from their previous spiritual, angelic state of existence. They instantly experienced a near total loss of consciousness, awareness, and insight. In less than the twinkling of an eye, the consciousness that just moments before, had encompassed the entire Universe, and experienced Oneness with the Universal Spirit/God, was virtually gone. The new limited consciousness of these pitiful creatures, ‘trapped’ them on the physical plane of the Earth, where they had to live in ignorance, with their animal-like intelligence and awareness. They were suddenly isolated from Universal/God Consciousness, and trapped in the lonely anguish of ‘separate’ consciousness. This separate consciousness gave birth to a sort of separate free will, which was ignorantly used selfishly, rather than in harmony with the will of God. Ultimately, they would also be trapped in slavery. Evil is spawned by selfishness, but later, even greater degrees of evil came about. Yet all selfishness and evil, has since mistakenly been blamed on these poor unfortunate ‘first waver humanimals’. To be sure, some had horns, and tails, and cloven hoofs – but they have been used as ‘scape goats’, and diversions, in order for others, including regular humans, to avoid taking personal responsibility for the real evil, the real devil, which is the selfishness living inside each human who maintains separate consciousness from the Oneness of God. Remember, we were spirits only. Very ‘fine’, ‘high-frequency’ vibrational beings, all of us, with no experience in this physical realm. These humanimals came upon their terrible fate because of a rapid, uncontrolled slowing down of their vibrational frequencies, for purposes of materialization of their spiritual selves into the material plane of the Earth. It occurred in a way that cut them off from their normal consciousness, like changing the dials on a radio to an area of radio frequency that had nothing to receive. Their ‘internal radio’ of consciousness, was no longer ‘tuned in’ to God. It was a materialization that went too far, too deep, into the dense, slow vibrations of the physical plane. When the finer frequencies were ‘cut off’, they were left ‘cut off’ from God and the rest of spiritual creation, and thus the consciousness of the Oneness of the Universe – the consciousness of God – the Universal Spirit. This left them with only a ‘separate self consciousness’ that lost touch with ‘Oneness Consciousness’, or ‘Universal Consciousness’. However, some of us did not make this ‘fall’. Those who didn’t fall, were still in their angelic state, and watched all this happen to the first wavers. Our grand master organized and led a rescue mission. With their great Love and compassion, many of the other angelic beings who had not ‘fallen’, decided to help the trapped first wavers, even at great risk of the same fate. They became what we call the ‘second wavers’. The second wavers knew they could only help the first wavers, if they too, materialized in forms that would allow them to work on the lost souls (the humanimal creatures) in their own physical form and dimension. And the grand master and various angelic volunteers, knew that in order to do that, it would require lowering their own vibration, towards that of the physical plane, and subsequently lowering their consciousness to some extent. They knew this was dangerous, and that they had to be very careful how they did this, and be careful about how deeply they went into physical matter, or they too would become trapped in limited consciousness just as the humanimals were. Thus the ancient teachings describe how this second wave, became the first consciously controlled thought projection, or materialization, of modern ‘human’ life on Earth (or at least they eventually became modern humans as they gradually solidified into the material plane from their spiritual ‘angelic’ state). The ape-like early human form was actually just eventually chosen by second wavers as the preferred type of physical vehicle to model themselves after, because it allowed for the greatest control and manipulation in the physical plane, that would be required to help the first wavers. That is why scientists cannot find the ‘missing link’ – because there simply is none. Because while evolutionary change certainly does exist, our present existence on Earth did not involve evolving for millions of years from apes. Again, if the above theory of creation that is offered by the ancient teachings, is disagreeable to you – no “biggy”, that’s OK. There are all kinds of theories of creation, that people are VERY intense and pushy about. We aren’t. Scientists are supposed to stay objective, and stick to proven facts, and if they can’t present absolutely proven facts, they are supposed to present their ideas as “theories”, and only as “theories”. Yet many alleged “scientists”, have sneakily insinuated, and taught the “theory” of evolution of humans from apes, as FACT, even when they have a huge gap, a huge “missing link” in their “theory”- they have not found a direct ancestral lineage of modern man, that connects the whole evolution of apes and “cave men” types of semi-ape, semi-humans. And on the flip side of the evolutionist theories, many religions have followers, and thus money and power at stake. Unlike both of those categories, we have nothing at stake, nothing to prove, nothing to lose or gain since we don’t make money or get power from the teachings we present. While we have had personally viewed it as an historical, written record, you are welcome to “take them or leave them”. We really, really don’t care if you believe the concepts of history or creation presented in this script, or not. If it “rings the bell of truth” for you, fine. If it doesn’t, that’s OK too. We obviously can’t prove ancient history, nor do we feel it is important. It isn’t important. We really, truly, don’t care about any of those intellectual ideas, theories, or concepts. We DO care about the reality of human life and suffering, NOW. The things that really impact everyone’s lives on Earth. So what we want, and what we really care about, is simply for everyone to be kind, caring, compassionate, and harmless. Is it really too much to ask even if you believe you are descended from an ape? Is it really too much to ask if you believe God created you out of Adam’s rib? Who cares? We don’t think it’s too much to ask. Regardless of what you believe, don’t believe, or have faith in, or don’t have faith in. The same goes for everything else you read in this script – who cares? Be nice. Let’s all be real caring friends and family. In order to accomplish this ‘rescue’, two things had to be done. One, methods had to be devised that would help the humanimals REGAIN their spiritual consciousness and awareness of Oneness with the Universal Spirit; and two, methods had to be devised for the second wavers to MAINTAIN their spiritual consciousness and awareness of Oneness with the Universal Spirit. To both these ends, second wave beings founded the spiritual path of the “Children” of the One, and created the methods and teachings that are still in use, and valid, today. Thus, the spiritual order of the Children was founded with a very specific and unique purpose. And while this order included aspects of what would later become numerous ‘religions’, the Children was unlike any other religion that would ever appear on Earth. And remains so. It was NOT created to fill a need in people’s hearts and minds, NOR to strike fear into their hearts, NOR to worship anyone or anything, NOR to answer the spiritual questions that arose in the spiritually ignorant masses, NOR to control those masses. It was created before all those issues even existed. But the whole point of the second waves materialization was to rescue their ‘trapped’ kin, by returning the first wavers to their angelic state of existence and awareness (Universal Consciousness). Thus the whole point of the Children’s spiritual path, was to be able to enter the material plane so they could help the first wavers, while maintaining their own spiritual consciousness and angelic state, so they wouldn’t get trapped also. As the second wave rescue mission gradually descended into materiality and human form, some of them, lured by selfish desires, turned away from the Children’s spiritual path. They then lost spiritual awareness, and separated from Oneness with God. Ultimately, this division created two ‘religious’ or ‘philosophical’ groups in the old world with very different purposes and ‘politics’ – the Sons of Belial and the Children. The Sons of Belial mimicked the Children in many ways, even in the sense of being ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’. But their ‘religious practices’ were mockeries of true spirituality – phony, empty, and self-serving. They would use ‘prayer’ and visualization to attain whatever they wanted, and they turned a blind eye to what the repercussions of getting what they wanted would have on others. Some popular present-day religions are offspring of the Belialian religion. And then there are the secret societies that still practice their original ways. In the old world, the most significant contention between the Children and the Belialians was over what to do about the humanimals. The humanimals were easily controlled by the powers of a second waver’s mind, and they could be made to do anything just through visualization. Since the Belialians had turned away from their awareness of Oneness with God in favour of selfishness, they wanted to use the ‘humanimals’ as ‘pet slaves’. The Children, however, still wanted to help return the humanimals to their higher state of consciousness. Thus the Children also became ‘activists’, and their goal as a group ‘movement’ was still to free their trapped kin, but now they also had to contend with other SECOND wavers who had ‘gone bad’. Let me say that even the best of the Children, eventually succumbed to some degree, to the separation from the Universal Spirit. But that is another story, which involves the allegory of Adam & Eve. While part of the Children’s goal was eventually achieved (the humanimals were freed from their animal entanglement after the destruction of the old world), freedom from darkness and slavery has not been fully accomplished. The battle continues. As far as the first wavers go, reincarnated humanimals still walk the Earth in normal human bodies – you have seen them. If you are observant, you can see subtle animal traits, mannerisms, or facial appearances on many of the people of the world. But humanimals or not, the age old struggle between the Children and the Belialians – the struggle of freedom against slavery, still continues, but conscious awareness is now also beginning to increase, as the third wave incarnate right now. These days slavery can be in many forms, traditional, economic, socio-political oppression, imprisonment, and mental programming. The world is basically populated by five groups, the Children, Belialians, reincarnated “lost soul” first and second wavers, and the enlightened. Most from both the first and second waves, are still separate in consciousness from the Universal Spirit. That makes them easy prey for the Belialians, and they either become their pawns in one way or another, or their slaves in one way or another. Belialians are not some kind of genetic creatures who have physically lived and survived for thousands of years. Like all of us, they have continued to reincarnate, and live in modern human bodies. But they are so evil, those of us who are sensitive to it can sense or feel that. This can sometimes even be physically or intuitively seen as being reptilian-like, or as the old teachings call it, “lizard-like”. But whether you see or sense this yourself, you can know them by their agenda. Lifetime after lifetime, they maintain their maniacal drive for power and agenda of slavery and domination. Many of them are the people who now run the world. The upper echelons are the real power people pulling the strings behind the scenes. Like Initiate Children, the higher level Belialians are totally conscious and aware of who they are, and what they are doing. The middle and lower echelon are sometimes in the forefront, or in the public eye, functioning as political, military or business leaders who are apparently not being told what to do – yet they really are. Of course some leaders are just pawns, and not consciously aware of who they serve (and wouldn’t care anyway). Belialians are usually born to rich and powerful families who are already of the Belialian heritage, and their families train them and continue to pass on their tradition. They go to the best schools and join the “right” “special” fraternities and sororities. They are trained in the ways of using visualization and ritual to practice their dark magic. They always want more money and power. They want to maintain economic slavery and child labour slavery in the world, and even worse. They want a state of total monitoring and control of all people (and they have been making great strides in this). They will use physical force to dominate and control if necessary, but mental programming through education, media, peer pressure, or other means, has been extremely successful – and parents continue to pass their own programming on to their children also. Examine world history and you see these struggles continuing through time – entire groups of evil oppressors trying to enslave. We have continued to fight them, and they continue to fight us. Just as many of the scientific advances have come from reincarnated old world scientists, so too have those with thirst for power and control at any cost, come from reincarnated Belialians. They continue to develop more sophisticated ways to keep people under their control. So how do you identify them? Again, you can feel it, and sometimes see it when you look into their eyes. But anyone whose agenda is control of others, is either Belialian, or one of their pawns. They care only about themselves and would be willing to harm anyone or even everyone on the planet if it helps them get more power – and they can do this all with a big smile and warm handshake (which many people “buy” into as being a “nice” person). Ask yourself if this could be true, and feel the response from your inner voice. So our ‘religion’, and work, continues on. And now, because of the time and situation, we will soon be publicly revealing the teachings of the Children, and heralding the coming spiritual changes brought to earth by the third wave of Souls. Remember, because of the unique nature and purity of the Children’s spiritual way, it is as valuable today as it ever was. Their teachings and methods can help anyone return to the Universal Spirit, achieve enlightenment, and live in harmony with Universal Law & Universal Will.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 30th, 2011 at 14:40 | #2

    Dear Rex
    Oh, no do not leave the discussion, it would be terrible, we have just commenced a grand discussion, and even though we do not agree on all points, it is fruitfull for both of us, I hope! 🙂

    But, off cause, anytime you need to do someting else, it is all your choice.

    But, then to reflect on some of the last points you give me 🙂

    There is a basic difference in how we understand G-d. The egyptian definition that G-d is vibration is in opposition to the Mesopotamian; that G-d is intelligence. Possibly it could be both, but how this can be possible is difficult for me to fanthom. So I stick to the Mesopotamian/Anaxagorean explanation.

    This gives a serious and sound natural/scientific basis to discuss from. This is important if you want to discuss metaphysics. Science is so strong and right, that we have to work together. Only through an understanding can we actually bridge the gap.

    This is done, as I see it, in taking an interrest in the starting point of atomic science, because Anaxagoras who invented much of what we understand as modern science also did have an understanding of G-d, and with him we can bridge the gap.

    When it comes to understanding the higher echelons of power. Well, I do dig some of ideas, but I know many of the persons who are very high up in the hierachy, and mostly they are very positive in their own understanding of their own world. We all, as persons, fight for someting we believe in, some with this mean some with other. This does not mean that I do not take all they do as “good deeds”, I know that they do al lot of tricks, and I have personally fought many of them here in Denmark. But you see, very few people are actually evil, all do we have a rationale for being good, some just end up doing bad things because they are unelightened.

    Take the EU for example. There is very little direct contact between the man on the street and the higher echelons of power. This is because of the size of the EU, and because the EU is intransperent. The EU is dark.

    Darkness creates room for the most base natural instincts of man to reappear. So we need to shed light on the hidden, in orden to make them see their own actions.

    That is why light is so important, because truth given to a issue will force the involved person(s) to see things from other perspective than their own.

    Evil is there, but it only thrives in the shadows.

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