The sons of light and the sons of darkness

When we try to delve into the very fabric of the universe, we often take a wrong turn, we misunderstand, only through knowledge are we actually able to discern the truth. We have discussed right and wrong, what are these entities, and what do they mean in the great score of mankinds endeavour into spirit and beauty?

First of all; we need to understand evil in ourselves. According to C.G. Jung, every man has a shadow. A shadow is the unconscious part of man, the part where needs and motivation often derive and excell. Often the dark side of the human expells reason, and this is when we as human beings rape, steal, mutilates and massacres. But mostly the dark side of humanity only leaves as projections onto others. Others are put to hate, as the inferiority complexes or the shadow of collective unconscious, externalize its own shortcomings. Jews are often the scapegoat, so we know what it is to be the laughing stock and the simple means of projections.

Basically evil resides in the mind as something we cannot reach unless we really try. The more conscious we are, the more we accept and internalizes our own bad sides. We have to enter the cave, look upon our own shortcomings, in order to be strong and wise.

One may then ask; what is intelligence, and as proposed, based on Anaxagoras; intelligence is G-d. It is a natural force that descends from behind matter, and into matter in the proces called birth.

This gives us the simple conclusion, that evil is also a part of intelligence, or perhaps the lower less conscious part of intelligence. If it is put into man when man is born, it comes from the celestial realm. The fight between the fallen angels, Michael and the other arch angels, is real in the sense that intelligence; G-d is composed of both destruction and care. G-d is both, and only when we realize that G-d, and all living is a combination of both love and strife, will we be able to regain the control of ourselves and the development of mankind.

In the lore of the jews we hear about a fight between light and dark. Light is truth, and the point is, seen from an internal point of view, that truth will make you realize your own shadow. Only by being absolutely honest to yourself, can you grasp the principles of your own evil.

This is the cause, as to why we call truth the redeemer, because truth will make you understand your own weaknesses, thereby giving you the possibility to internalize your own faults; living with them and put them to the use of production and good grace of mankind.

The redeeming process is however not only an internal proces, it is also an external proces. We can fight the evil in the world, places where the shadow is ruling. You are allowed to fight, if you fight the right persons or causes, but you are not allowed to fight weak persons or persons with no real cause of injury to anybody. It was right to fight the nazi but wrong to fight the jews.

This is why we need to spread the idea of enlightenment, because that flickering, dancing flame is all we have to protect is against the real destruction and evil in the world.

Enlightenment is to see the world as it is, and that path is the path of the sons of light, as they fight the sons of darkness.

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