The sons and daughters of Abraham

Within the sphere of creation, one aspect of spirituality attracts special attention; the works of Hermes or the works of Atum. Within this ideology the fellowship of man is paramount. We believe, that the common soul of all the creation of G-d is one.

But to reach a state of oneness, the path of light has to be chosen. How do we do this? We rekindle the fires of Babylon. Babylon is the epitome of semitic science and civilisation. In the halls of Hammurabi, the gardens of Nebuchadnezzar did mankind emerge as a civilized being. It is all but forgotten now, the wisdom of the ancients are but faint echoes in the emerging understanding of the Middle East. Things are changing, new trends are emerging, democracy is on verge of a renaissance. The ports of Babylon are once again opening the beauty of its gilded doors, to, perhaps again give peace and prosperity to the assyrians, the persians, the libyans, the syrians, the jews, the phoenicians, the Davids and Goliaths of the Middle east. Perhaps even the arabians will join into the Babylonian renaissance.

When the West was in its darkest hours, with only a few bits of learning left behind its cloistered walls, it rekindled the fires of Hellas, Egypt, Babylon, Rome and Phoenicia when it conquered the lands of Andalusia. So many scriptures were refound in the libraries of Cordoba. It ultimately led to a renaissance of Western Europe.

The same is now possible for the Middle east; to attain through the knowledge of the Israelis.

Many see the jews as a scorn and a threat to the Middle East. They fail to see us as we really are. Why did Abraham quest the jews as to preserve the ideas of Babylon? To bring it back to the Middle East at a time when it would all be forgotten.

This is the true scenario of Israel; the rekindling of that Babylonian and Egyptian fire that the jews were put in the world to protect and spread as much as possible to the world.

Changing the face of Israel and the conflicts of The Middle East to something progressive and positive is the difficult part. Because everybody hates the jews. I hope, that the people in the Middle East will see the jews as they are; beautifully, diverse, creative and faithful people, brought back to home, in an act of true sacrifice. A chance to change things in the melting pot and the warring tribes of the fertile Crescent.

It will only happen, when the Middle east will end its own disbelief and insecurity. For too long have the Middle East squandered its young in futile projects of no real quality. It is time to truly understand the way of the world. To rekindle the light of science, the faith in the one G-d and the knowledge of mankind.

That is the bright dawn of the Middle East, promised and yet to be fulfilled by the sons and daughters of Abraham.

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