There is a storm brewing up, all the signs are in legio; the enslavement of the persians, the rape of Europe, the threat aimed at Israel.

In these circumstances, one has to be sharp on the moral actions of the legion. How do we persevere in this threatening storm? How do we aim our bullets on the foe opposing us, so strong but yet so weak in perception.

We march as the sons of light. What does that mean?

It means we have to oppose our enemy in the moral character of an angel. As we are opposed by barbarity, we will respond in grace.

We are met by villains who rape our children, to the soft spinning perfume of deathchants. We are met by the barbarity of child molesters, unsound methods and evil in its purest form. It has taken residence in the form of Islam, and we are here to oppose that threat, because this final battle will be the battle we have to win, in order to survive as sane individuals. It is the path of glory, in the sense that we are able to win the hearts and the minds of the people of the world.

Today everything is transparent. When a child is raped in the UK, it will be heard across the globe in the secret wires of the internet. People hear, and are judged by the faint echo of their deed.

This is the lesson we have to learn, in order to win the fight over islamism, or whatever it is called. We have to be just, we have to always choose the moral path. When they rape, we respond by being simple and humble, defending ourselves, but never in any unjust manner. This is the basic key to win in an absolute transparent world. People are able hear your thoughts, almost before you hear them yourselves.

We are back in the time of the ancients, in the sense, that the strategy of the Spartans are the one we have to go by; absolute justice in all ways.

They talk about the Al-Aqsa mosque. That combination of holiness and insult in one. Let us be honest, it was put on the temple mount as a sign of superiority. It was put there to put us down. But at the same time, it has evolved into a precious temple of worship for the muselman. They hold it dear, because to them, it is a sign of grace.

This is the message given to us in the prophesy of the sons of light opposed to the sons of darkness. Islam is on a bad path, loosing its worshippers. Why? Because it does not deliver on the promises. When Iran was instituted with an islamic government, peace and prosperity was promised. The opposite is given to the persian people, and they are in no way supporters of Islam anymore. The persian people wants to be free and democratic, we should help them.

Why? Because basically Islam is not a system anyone wants, it is a system without any basic quality, this is the truth, and as a consequence, it will lose its supporters when they learn the lesson. We therefore have to wait, and eventually the Al-aqsa mosque will be ours to remove. Because no one will be there to tell us otherwise.

Everytime a muslim rapes a child, everytime an innocent is killed, everytime Islam shows its true face, a brick will disappear from the Al-aqsa mosque.

We are here to follow the scriptures, they call on us to be true and just. This is the modern path of resurrection, and the path of freedom for the people of Israel.

I hope, and pray for prosperity, but I know there are hard times ahead of us, we have to persevere, be ourselves and win the moral acceptance of another jewish temple on the temple mount. But it will cost os dearly in terms of sacrifice, sacrifice we should be willing to pay in order to come home and have our precious, simple and yet well-ordered home given back to us.

G-d bless Israel

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