Strategy and Israel

The true guide of Israel is not the written laws, but the intention behind the laws. We often, if we are insecure or far away from the very outset of law, apt to go by law as it is written. This is a bit dangerous, because law is not there to be followed blindly, law is an interpretation of ultimately; nature.

Let me explain; nature is G-d, or rather, the life that is within nature is the intelligence that is in material form. Therefor we cherish life as G-d. But somehow we are also trapped in the material world, I think it comes from the isolation that is in the single life form. We tend to see our own needs and focus on our own, often selfish interests. In this process we move away from G-d, because in G-d we are united.

The principle that will guide us then is the rule of the strong, or rather, the individual rule of the strongest person.

In order to relinquish the bondage of the material world we have several instruments.

The first is off cause the personal struggle to move away from egoism and closer to solidarity. The basic unit is the family, then comes the people or nation, and ultimately the world. We are all one in the outset, but trapped in material needs and with a very limited mental horizon, we are scattered. Some fight for the nation, the family, the children, the people, other fight for world peace, but it all comes down to the basic struggle between intelligence or G-d and materialism.

These ideas are, secondly, also the basis of our law. Abraham had this revelation in Babylon, because Babylon was the first true city totally individualized. In order to bridge the gap he called upon true love to be the salvation of our people. We are honour bound to try to take Abrahams mission and solve it. It is, of cause an almost impossible mission, we have worked upon it ever since, but there is a chance right now, in the modern environment to solve the puzzle. So really Judaism is a very practical faith with a clear mission, to bridge the gap between the individual persons, thereby making peace.

That task is however a practical task, and it has to take the world as it is into consideration, and this is where it turns out difficult. Take the current rivalry with Iran and Israel. How can we ever make peace with such a lunatic enemy. The answer is; we cannot. They insist on waging war, and any sane person would defend himself.

How do we then try to solve that puzzle, well here the other great treasure of Judaism might guide us; the lore of the Egyptians. The Egyptians were very intelligent and wise people, and they had, among other gems of wisdom, the preference for light as a guiding tool. Basically it points to the opposition between truth and lies as the tool to understand what to do. It is an ethical instrument that will give you a guide to justice.

This tool is extremely powerful, a true, just person can, singlehandedly, make powerful progress. There are several examples of this in history; the spartan kings, Cæsar, Alexander the great, the english gentlemen and, on a general level; David. Knowing the just path, will, automatically bring progress, because it is extremely inspirational, and it is the basis of leadership.

Therefor, I would, humbly advise to combine the lore of the Egyptians with the lore of the Babylonians in order to set a path. Find the path that is truly just, truly, honestly just.

G-d save Israel

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