Iran and strategies

The situation in the Middle East seem to progress a bit in the direction of peace. We should, as I see it, avoid confrontation on all cost. We do not need another war, if we can avoid it, but only do war if it is absolutely necesarry.

It seems to me, that there are two warring factions in Iran right now; the faction of Khameni who are the doves, and the faction of Ahmadinejad who are the hawks.

After the election the Khameni faction won a serious victory, and is now moving Iran closer to a powerful stop in aggression and warmongering. This might be the motivation for the apparent halt in nuclear development, I hope. On the other side, Ahmadinejad is doing all he can to provoke an open hostility with the American/Israeli/Arab alliance.

The hit on the oil pipe was his move, the renewed talks on Hormuz, the barrage from Gaza to Israel, all moves of Ahmadinejad, not to talk about the reinforcement of Assad and his violent crackdown on the Sunni lead revolt.

As I see it, all moves towards peace are good moves, and all chances to reach peace and avoid confrontation should be helped and encouraged. If there is a factional strife within the Iranian state, well, we should give them a chance to win the confrontation, and if they can make peace, well that would be in the interest of all.

Give peace a chance if there is one to be given.

I suppose the current communication between the American/Israeli/Arab alliance and Iran will reveal some progress, if not, well we would have to get back on the war track.

Here is an idea to a plan in the war, if it has to come, and only if we cannot avoid it.

We need to focus on each our opponent, and the opponent should be decided due to our resources and abilities. In this way, we can move freely and with decisive action.

This is a plan, as I see it.

The worst task is of cause Iran. This opponent is the project of the Americans. Why? Because it is the largest threat and the Americans are the strongest in our alliance. This releases the warring capacity of the Arabs and Israel to focus in Hizbollah the iranian proxies in Gaza and Syria.

The Arabs are keen to protect the Sunni majority in Syria, but Israel is, if we count our possible alliance with the Vatican state, keen to help the Christians there who are asking for the help of the western alliance.

A combined attack on Assad by Israeli and Arab forces could be worked out, with the goal to oust Assad from power, protect the Christians and make sure the Alawis are not persecuted after the fall of Assad.

Hizbollah and the Gazan threat is most practically dealt with by Israel.

The most important thing right now however, is to keep up a positive image of the war. We need to respect all human league propositions, and do all we can to further the peace process.

Just a note on the victory over the Gazan iranian proxies. They lost, and we won. We should not gloat over it. It would be seen as a bit of a bad taste if we gloat. Let us just, toast ourselves of a generous gift from spirit that made the victory possible. It was a gift, and we should be thankful 🙂

Back to the iranian confrontation.

We need to hark back to a strategy that is pre coldwar. Before the cold war, especially in the second world war, the victory of the American forces was followed by a Marshall plan. America rebuild Europe after the war, it helped. This made a very clear step forward for Europe, and it helped the peace after the war.

It should be done in the same manner in Iran, or rather that could be the message of the American lead attack; we do this to topple a tyrant, but we will help after the war. This could lead to a renewed alliance between Iran and America, and lead to a more prosperous and democratic human world.

It may sound like a dream, but if we do not fight to make a better world and give people a chance, then it is all in vain.

The war should be followed up by a rebuilding plan, and all should chip in and give some of their wealth to help the Iranian people find the freedom.

It could be done, at least it is a goal worth fighting for; a more democratic world and one less dictatorial system oppressing the people.

Let us just pray that we will avoid the conflict and have peace without the confrontation, but be consistent if the protection of the weak.

G-d bless us all.

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