The iranian situation

Well there is a lot of contempt for Israel, why? Because we do not retaliate the open warfare Iran is conspiring right now? Because we wait for our allies to make their mind on nuclear Iran? Because we sit in our homes listening to the sirens when they wail there evercrying message; we want you jews for being just jews.

Now, we have waited patiently for sanctions to work, this has not come about. We have given a last chance to the peace process to ignite, meanwhile we suffer from daily attacks by the iranian proxies in Gaza and in countries everywhere on earth; Argentina, India on and on it goes.

We have done this because we respect the wishes of our allies. And we pay in blood and insecurity everyday, as the sirens keep up their vicious chant.

There will be no more waiting, there will be no more second chances, there is one left, and that is the next offerings of dialogue and cooperation, after that Israel is free to retaliate on Iran.

When we do it, it should be done in a precise manner to avoid any civilian casualties. Unlike the grad bombs that are peppered over schools and civilian areas to kill as many innocents as possible.

This is a warning to England, or rather to the british foreign services.

When England attacked Copenhagen in 1801, lord Nelson peppered the fair city with his cannons until the danes gave up and gave Norway to Sweden.

What if Holland, an ally of Denmark had told Denmark not to counterattack England when England was demolishing Copenhagen? Would the danes have found this a timely comment, or rather a less timely comment. Perhaps Denmark would have wanted Holland to come a help Denmark.

See the argument.

Just saying.

G-d bless Israel

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