Jerusalem and the Christians

There is a growing alliance between the jews and the christians. It is because we, basically, want the same thing; peace.

We differ on certain interpretations on central issues, but the main ideals are, still, the same; to make a world where love reigns supreme, and where spirit is between us all.

Now, there are some more mundane issues. I suppose the most pressing issue is the current status of Christendom in Jerusalem. Well, there are certain churches the christian world wants to be returned. This can be done in due time. But of cause only if the alliance between the jews and the christians is an alliance based on trust and mutual respect.

In the meantime, christians are protected as any other religion in Jerusalem. The city of Jerusalem is a city of peace, and should be accessible by all faiths.

We are currently at war with the shia, and consequently, we have to take our natural precautions, but for the time being, we, off cause hold an outstreched hand to all who we share a destiny with.

There is a time where one has to choose between the sons of dark and the sons of light. We, as jews, are trying to reach light, but we are always open for companions, on that hard and uncompromising path to justice and love.

Be our friends dear Christians and join the fight for a better and more secure world, where the weak are not suppressed by the strong. But even the lamb will enjoy its life in peace.

G-d bless Jerusalem

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