There is a war coming, and the Americans have to be totally prepared. Much have been done, and much is accomplished; the respect for America worldwide is the highest in many generations, the game in Middle East is not perfect, but strongly mandated. The alliances are consolidating and we are where we want to be.

There is a war coming, and we are prepared, the best we can to defend ourselves.

As a deep token of respect to our Christian allies, we should always discuss the ethical implications of all actions. It should not be a war to gain power, but a war to defend and protect. That is the basic ethical perspective in the war.

Compared to the beginning where we still had a clean sheet, we are now burdened with the comparable failure of the Libyan war. The sectarian violence in Libya is mainly our fault. We should have been ready with a Marshall plan for Libya, and helped them rebuild their countries. I hope we consider that option in another conflict, where we are the victors of a war. We need to HELP the people after the victorious war to gain independence, liberty and democracy. Otherwise they end up in tribal wars.

Now, concerning the election threat of Gingrich, it is quite easy to turn around. It is simple; the reason why the gasoline prices are starting to rise is because of the prospect of a war in Iran. Any American president cannot stop this. The war will come because Iran has been warring the West for more than three decades, what we are witnessing now is just another eclipse.

We have been hesitant to fight the Iranians, because we would like to avoid a confrontation with Iran; it would lead to an escalation. But the prospect of a nuclear armed Iran is not a prospect the American people can live with, potentially a dirty bomb or something much worse could obliterate New York or other large cities. 9/11 would be a walk in the park in comparison.

So the high gasoline price is a price to pay for security.

This is the cause, but America has friends around the world who actively tries to enlarge the pool of gasoline, so basically America should be ok. It will be a little more expensive, but not anything that would ruin the world.

This saying, a renewed focus on energy-saving would be very good, as well as renewed focus on environmentally sustaining technologies as windmills, wave power, solar power and the likes. If a government did focus 100% on this project it could turn the energy situation around in a decade.

So, just to say it again; we have had a long fight together. I do appreciate the friendship, I have done all I could to serve and support, and I will continue to do so. My pocket is empty, I make my money by dancing, I do not ask for anything, I have done my service to you as a friend, because I think that is what friends are supposed to do, and I ask nothing in return.

All I wish to do, is to further the prospect of peace and love.

G-d bless America 🙂

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